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  gippingman 21:35 24 Apr 2017

Hi - I use a windows 10 pc and use outlook 2010 currently to collect both my primary freeserve emails and secondary bt emails. As freeserve is shortly coming to an end, ideally I want to somehow transfer/forward/send all my emails that are currently in subfolders of my primary freeserve "inbox" to my bt "inbox" or the duplicate/identical named subfolders of the bt "inbox" that i have created. I understand that I cant leave the various stored emails in the freeserve "sub folders" as they will become inaccessible or so I have been informed. Somehow, I need to transfer/import all the emails to the bt inbox or even better copy the contents of the freeserve subfolders directly to the bt identical subfolders. Obviously, drag and drop would be simple but I guess that may not work?? I know there are various other services such as googlemail, hotmail etc but I wish to continue using outlook! Can someone point me in the best direction? I have so far tried to "forward" email from one to the other address by selecting multiple emails but it seems to load all of the forwarded emails up in one transfer email with loads of attachments which is not what i want as it is difficult to store/file the emails - I want them individually transfered by some method if that is possible!

advice appreciated

  Forum Editor 22:28 24 Apr 2017

If you have downloaded emails from the Freeserve mailservers in Outlook, they will still be there - they won't disappear.

All you have to do is continue using Outlook, but with a new mail account.

You can retain all your old emails if you wish, and do it in a variety of ways. Take a look at this, for example. The advantage of archiving emails is that it reduces the size of your Outlook data file. Outlook doesn't have to load all those emails each time you open it.

  bretsky 20:05 25 Apr 2017

I had to do this having been with Freeserve/Wanadoo/Orange/EE/now part of the BT group since the early 2000's, but when I created a new gmail account a couple of weeks ago I downloaded a great email program specifically for gmail users called eM client which gives you the option to import all your data from a plethora of email programs, which in my case was T/Bird, and what it does is it creates a "Local Folders" folder in which ALL your saved data goes in, all categories in their sub-folders included....very clever, and your main email account just has an Inbox, Outbox, Sent, Trash, Drafts, Junk E-mail, toatally separate from all your Local Folders....really going from having one email address, I now have three, gmail and outlook addresses and all in eM client. The settings for either POP3 or Imap protocols is easy, because if you can't find the right port settings etc, it has a little nifty test/fit it tool which hunts for your proper settings. There's a forum, so if you get stuck, help is at hand. Sorry, this really isn't a plug for the software, but I'm pretty pleased that I've made the switch, having to change over an email address I've had for years has been, well lets just say I wouldn't want to do it again.

  bretsky 20:08 25 Apr 2017

Should be "test/fix it tool"

  gippingman 20:21 25 Apr 2017

Thanks for the replies so far. I did think that if I already had the emails saved/stored in subfolders that they would still be accessible after the freeserve/orange servers close down, but their helpline person said I would lose access to saved/stored emails if I did not transfer/export them to somewhere else. Is it definite then that emails I have already saved/stored in subfolders of the freeserve inbox will remain accessible post freeserve/orange closedown?

  gippingman 20:30 25 Apr 2017

The "help" article is very handy thanks - just need to decide which of the methods best suits me - copy and past sounds good, but possibly quite lengthy?

  bretsky 21:25 25 Apr 2017

It is my understanding that if you have downloaded the emails from the Orange servers/webmail onto your PC's hard drive/ssd or to some other media storage, then yes you can access them for life even after Orange email servers have ceased, I have mine backed up to a pen drive. There is a setting you have in your PC based email program, to leave a copy of the email on the ISP's mail server, so you have access to both, obviously after 31st May this wont apply (with Orange anyway) The helpline person you spoke to was referring to Webmail...emails you login to on the Orange/EE website. The only other thing I can think of is that some of the images and links in the emails won’t show up /be available, due to the non existent Orange email servers, I may be wrong.

  Forum Editor 22:52 25 Apr 2017

"Is it definite then that emails I have already saved/stored in subfolders of the freeserve inbox will remain accessible post freeserve/orange closedown?"

To be absolutely clear...

You mentioned that you use Outlook to collect mail from your Freeserve mailbox, which is why I responded as I did earlier. Any mail that is downloaded to the inbox (or sub-folders of the inbox) in an email client (Outlook/eM client/Postbox etc.) will stay there for as long as you like, as will any outbound emails you sent using that account.

Mail stored in folders on a Freeserve webmail account (not downloaded to a mail client on your computer) will vanish forever, once the mail server is shut down. You will have no further access to it via a web browser. If you have email stored like that on a webmail account, you must move it before the server is switched off for good.

  gippingman 16:57 27 Apr 2017

many thanks and I now understand! - Yes, I do use outlook all the time and do not view/store emails via the webmail method. Hopefully, the panic is over as I do not really have much to do other update user id's etc

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