Moving email to hotmail??

  hawthorn59 20:12 19 May 2008


I want to have a backup of my email for a friend as she is helping me in my business. Is it possible to

1 Open a Hotmail or other online account, that I could forward all my emails to (including the folders, I have a few hundred messages!)And re create all my folders on this account.

2 Use an online account instead of my Windows Mail, but how would I do this and keep the same email address?

3 Failing that, if I backup the store folder (like I used to on XP with OE6) could she import them into her Outlook Express ie bring Window Mail emails back in to OE? Can you drop and drag?

Or if anyone has another suggestion Id be grateful . Basically I want her to have access to them on her computer too. Maybe not possible.



  Technotiger 20:19 19 May 2008

If you are using a hotmail address, your friend could log-in as you if she had your log-in details, she would then be able to see all your hotmail emails.

Anyone with a hotmail address can themselves log-in on any other computer, as I sure you already know. Just depends if you want to share your log-in details with your friend. Depends how important it is to you I suppose. You could make it a temporary arrangement, but this would mean changing your email address afterwards.

  hawthorn59 21:01 19 May 2008

But my own email account is with IOL (Ireland Online) so Id probably have to manually forward all emails to Hotmail. Morre than likely a bit of a pain, unless IOL can automate it..!


  Technotiger 21:09 19 May 2008

Hmm, true - my suggestion was based on the possibility that you and your friend were on the same or similar setups.

Looks as if you will have to wait and see if anyone else can come up with a solution.

  hawthorn59 22:49 19 May 2008

Thanks anyway!


  lotvic 23:00 19 May 2008

I recommend this free webmail (and also collectable in OExpress) to do what you want.
Global Mail Exchange click here
It will collect third party email and also you can reply using the third party email addresses.
""GMX Mail Collector, all messages from your existing accounts will be collected and sorted into separate folders in your GMX mailbox.""

  hawthorn59 13:32 20 May 2008

Yahoo mail is fine and would work well, but what I also need to do in order to duplicate my own email on my own ISP, is to be able to have sub-folders within folders. For example I might have a folder "2008" but within that another maybe 40 folders, each with its own emails.

Yahoo and G Mail dont seem to be able to do that. I didnt check out GMX yet. lotvic, how long have you been using it? Is it here to stay!? At lest G Mail wont be going away or closing down!

thanks folks


  lotvic 20:20 20 May 2008

I have been using free GMX ( .net based in Germany) since about 1996 when I had W95. I did learn a little bit of German courtesy of online translation sites ;)
They have now expanded and have opened the English site so I have changed to that - I have never had any problems and it is very flexible and has excellent virus and spam filters.
Well worth exploring 'what you get' up to 10 email addys, 50MB email attachments, online storage, ability to allow private sharing of some of your online files/folders with others - take the virtual tour to learn more.

IMHO does all that I want and more.

  hawthorn59 00:20 21 May 2008

Yes it seems to be Outlook-like so may have the sub folders thing! I'll check it out.



  hawthorn59 01:47 21 May 2008

Oh WOW lotvic!

GMX is perfect! Ive only just set up my account and I can create folders within folders! ive already forwarded 2 emails from my own email account and placed them in their folder! This is great! Thank you for that!

Now Im being greedy....I see something about collecting mail from other accounts. What would be perfect for me would be for an email to arrive to BOTH accounts. I dont want it to take emails from my surrent server so I'll only receive them at the GMX account, I need them to go to both accounts.

If thats not possible I can just manually forward them.


  lotvic 20:09 21 May 2008

glad you like it :))

when you set up the Mail Collector Account all you have to do is tell gmx (tick the box) not to delete from third party server inbox so you can still collect it elsewhere

""3. Now you have two options: do you want your mail to remain on or to be deleted from the third party mail server after collection? Click Continue.""

Have a look in GMX Help > Mail > and in left column, Mail Collector, for a tutorial of screens.

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