Moving from Dial-up to Broadband

  Sapins 15:36 26 Oct 2003

I now have the opportunity to change to Broadband and my ISP has asked me to choose a modem for 98 or XP, does it matter which modem you use or will it work on either? I thought I would just choose a USB modem and that would work on my dual boot system, 98SE on "C" and XP on "D" drives or will there be problems?

Also is Broadband more reliable than dial-up or are you likely to have the same connection problems? I ask because my ISP has had a lot of connection problems lately and I don't want to change if these kind of problems will continue, I would rather try another ISP.

Lastly, is Broadband truly always "on" and you just open your browser and choose a site. I ask because I read somewhere that you still have to "connect" each time!



  [DELETED] 15:44 26 Oct 2003

My broadband connection with aol is connected from about 6am until 11pm every day and it is great to just be able to pop home for a minute and check my e mails in just a few seconds.

  [DELETED] 15:50 26 Oct 2003

i'm using a usb modem with Zen internet, have had no problems and would recomend them highly!

Yes you have to connect when you boot up, but you can set it to auto connect so that isn't really an issue. And once connected it will stay connected for as long as you want, useful for downloading big files overnight!

What ISP are you with for your dial-up? i had a nightmare of a time when i moved from aol dial-up. Had to reformat my pc!

  Sapins 15:58 26 Oct 2003

Hi Steve71163 and tlong, thanks for your responses.

I live in France and am with Wanadoo, they seem to have problems fairly frequently and I wondered if this would be the case with their Broadband service, or is broadband more reliable?

  [DELETED] 16:03 26 Oct 2003

If you are able to choose an Ethernet modem that will work with your broadband connection, there is no contest - go for the Ethernet modem. USB modems typically deliver lower performance than Ethernet modems.

Modern modems should work on both 98SE and XP. Simply take a look at the box and it'll list the operating systems on which it works.

On the subject of reliability, I used AOL dial-up for a short trial without any problems. I used NTL cable broadband, and occasionally it got disconnected, but then again I used the dial-up only for several days while I had the NTL cable connection for 8 months. BT, Freeserve, NTL, and Zen are all reputable ISPs in the UK.

I've used a cable broadband connection and ADSL broadband as well, and I didn't have to reconnect unless I turned the modem off. Still, I guess some services require you to connect on startup.

Congratulations on your decision to move to broadband! It's certainly worth the extra money, even if you choose a 128k service.

  [DELETED] 16:16 26 Oct 2003

Hi, I'm with NTL 150K broadband through the Ethernet connection and it is always on as soon as you boot up.
If you want to disconnect from B/B when defragging or disabling your anti-virus prog, etc., simply unplug the cable or modem and then you will be safe from infection.

  [DELETED] 16:20 26 Oct 2003

I have been using Broadband for over 4 months now, I use Tiscali and can say I have never had a single moments 'downtime' with the ISP, only with content providers (MSN, Yahoo etc). Slow websites can fool you into thinking its your ISP.

With regard to the difference between 98SE and XP, surely any provider, wouldn't keep seperate discs for each operating system, would they?

My Broadband is switched on and off with my Gateway Computer, but can be on all the time, if you use a router.

From experience, its always best to totally remove all trace of previous Dial-up accounts, before installing any new connection type.

  [DELETED] 16:20 26 Oct 2003

Oh, so you're in France. Sorry, but the ISPs I referred to above are those in England.

If your ISP's dial-up was unreliable, then I guess your best bet is to choose another ISP whose broadband service has a better reputation.

  Sapins 20:31 26 Oct 2003

Thanks Ken Ju-On,Wak and A_World_Maker, your input is very much appreciated.

I don't have any experience of Wanadoo's broadband service nor do I know anyone who has so I can't find out how reliable the broadband service is! and I cannot check the box as I have to subscribe to broadband and then Wanadoo sends the modem. As to the Ethernet modem, do I need any special connection for that?

I will have to leave for now, will check again in the morning. All your help is very welcome and useful.



  [DELETED] 20:46 26 Oct 2003

Tiscali is the ISP I use for Broadband, I am told they are the biggest single provider across Europe, so you might want to give them a try. The service I have had, has been excellent, although I only speak for myself.

  Sapins 11:06 27 Oct 2003

A_World_Maker, I'll look at Tiscali and see what they offer.

Thanks again to everyone who responded.



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