Moving data to a HD will it keep it if removed?

  ShorN 22:43 15 Nov 2005

Hello all,

I have a PC which has a 80gb HD which is seperated into 4 partitions. One of those partions contains all my MP3's (about 30gb worth)

I have another 120GB internal HD which was purchased and connected later as space was running low.

If I move all my MP3's onto the 120GB HD and then remove it so I can do a complete reformat on my original HD and system will it keep all the data stored until I reconnect it?

Many thanks!

  woodchip 22:47 15 Nov 2005

Put the new drive in as Master. Partition Format Load windows. Fit old drive as Slave, you can then get at all your files. You need to set jumpers on drives for the above

  ShorN 22:53 15 Nov 2005

thanks for the response but im not entirely sure i follow you.

I do not want the 120gb to be the drive windows is installed on.

  PSF 22:57 15 Nov 2005

All of your Mp3 files will remain on the 120 gb drive after you have formatted the the other drive.

Disconnecting the drive from a system will not cause it to loose data.

  woodchip 23:00 15 Nov 2005

To your Question above all will be OK

  ShorN 23:02 15 Nov 2005

Thanks for the help - just another quick question!

Im about to do a reformat of XP using my system retore discs, is it true that they will not work if my system is different from it original setup?

Ie I have installed a new, upgraded graphics and soundcard, should these cause problems when going through the restore process?

  woodchip 23:06 15 Nov 2005

Yes that's true but it will not make any difference if the new drive is fitted but you could leave the power plug out until you have it up and running

  ShorN 23:07 15 Nov 2005

but is the graphics card likely to cause problems?

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