moving copy of office 2010 from broken computer to replacement

  robhawk 16:59 21 Apr 2012

how do I move my copy of office 2010 from broken computer to replacement. My old Acer with Win7 broke. I had bought Office 2010 for it and wish to use that copy on my new HP laptop. How do I make this happen. I have serial numbers etc.

  onthelimit1 17:14 21 Apr 2012

It may have come with 2 or 3 licences, so you may be OK. If not, I believe you'll have to ring MS and try to persuade them to activate it on the new machine.

  KRONOS the First 17:44 21 Apr 2012

You can move your Office 2010 as long as you have the serial number. Not sure why you should need to phone Microsoft. I have Office 2007 and I have lost count of the PC's its been on.

  proudfoot 17:56 21 Apr 2012

I have Office 97 and I have used it on Win98, Win Millenium, XP and now on Vista. Just enter the registration key. It hasn't got all the bells and whistles on the more recent versions, but it does all I need it for.

  Forum Editor 17:58 21 Apr 2012

Your Office 2010 license allows you to install the software on both your desktop and laptop - you can run it on both machines at the same time - so there's no problem here.

Just install the software on your laptop and let it activate via the internet; it will ask you to allow it to do that when you use any Office 2010 application for the first time.

  onthelimit1 13:44 23 Apr 2012

Chronus. Not what I've found. A friend had a 3 licence version. When he came to replace his primary PC, the Office install could not be activated. He had to call MS. Is it possible that your version is a 'company' one which allows unlimited installs?

  Woolwell 14:00 23 Apr 2012

I moved my Office 2007 from my old Pc to new without having to call MS.

  KRONOS the First 14:31 23 Apr 2012

My version is simply a paid for version, certainly not a company version,whatever that maybe.

But you may be correct in that if you exceed 3 activations then it does become necessary to phone Microsoft. I found this elsewhere.

1.uninstall from current machine, if possible. You have to make sure that it is no longer usable on the current machine, IE, if it is a "brick" you are OK. The thing is that the activation process does not actually take notice of the uninstall. Sloppy, yes. 2.Install the "transferred" license on the new machine 3.Do an internet activation. If you are past the limit of concurrent installations it will fail 4.In that case do a phone activation. Navigate to a "live" service rep. 5.Explain that you are doing a license transfer from "bricked" or retired computer. That is supposed to be the "magic words" 6.If they aren't satisfied, you ask for a supervisor and explain again.

  onthelimit1 15:46 23 Apr 2012

Chronus - yup, that's what I had to do

  robhawk 22:02 23 Apr 2012

Thank you Chronus I'll get on the case again in the next few days and follow your advice. Mine is a paid for copy: I bought Office 2007 version and got a free upgrade to 2010 a few weeks later. Fingers crossed.

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