Moving computer system to France

  Bald Eagle 16:58 16 Mar 2003

I seem to remember years ago you could lock the HDD heads for transport. Is this still possible or necessary? I am moving the PC, monitor and scanner/printer. Can anyone see any problems? Would they be better off in the car or trailer? Any other advice especially from folk who have done it much appreciated.

  g0slp 17:11 16 Mar 2003

I don't think that you should have any problems, Bald Eagle, especially if you shut down the 'puter correctly before final dismantling.

I use computers on board ships, where they're subjected to all sorts of motion & vibration, both when running & shut down, so I can't envisage problems with the machine itself.

The only thing that might require locking is the scanner, but if this was supplied without any specific securing arrangements, then you should be OK.

Just pack the equipment safely; in original packing if you've got it. If not, then stout boxes & plenty of polystyrene blocks/bubble wrap will do the trick.

Bon voyage.....

  DieSse 17:31 16 Mar 2003

Hard Disk heads are self-parking and locking these days - you don't need to do it yourself.

Lock the scanner if you can.

VERY IMPORTANT - take the ink out of the printer - it'll leak everywhere otherwise. Stop the carraige from being able to move with a roll of bubblepack - and ensure the printer is kept in it's normal position - otherwise the ink from the ink drains will get everywhere too.

Try and ship the tower on it's side, motherboard down - this helps stop the boards from shaking loose. it it doesn't power up when you get there - suspect loose boards first.

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