Moving Broadband connection to new computer

  miketheone 17:36 26 Feb 2007

I will soon be getting a new computer, is there a way to move my broadband connection settings to the new computer. The easy bit for me is replugging my BT voyager USB Modem into the USB port.
I think there may be some files that may need transfered any help please.

  ed-0 17:40 26 Feb 2007

If you use a modem:-

Put the BT setup disk into the computer, follow the prompts. Enter your user name and password, connect modem when told to do so. You should be connected now.

If you use a router and have a lan cable to the computer. Just plug the lan cable to the new computer. You should be connected now, unless you have a static IP. If you have, post back.

  p;3 17:43 26 Feb 2007

am I missing something as surely all you need to do is to install the BB via the BB cd onto the new comp? in other words; do an install of it on the other comp same as I have done here with two (no three) comps

the old comp will still BE BB enabled

  miketheone 18:51 26 Feb 2007

Thank you gentlemen for your response on my problem, simple when you know how.

  p;3 18:58 26 Feb 2007

I must admit I do have visions OF you quite literally shifting stuff FROM one comp to the other ; (could do something on Fawlty Towers script perhaps?)

it aint done thataways (well...not normally anyway)

(and ps, I for one am a 'she' and not a 'he')


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