Movies and File Extensions

  neil_raj 21:25 03 Jun 2005

When a movie won't play because of unknown file extensions - how can i overcome this?

Thanks...... Neil.

  DieSse 23:39 03 Jun 2005

You need to get the program to play that type of movie!

What is (are) the file extensions you need a player for?

  pj123 08:54 04 Jun 2005

I use JetAudio, download it free from:

click here

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and select JetAudio 6 Basic Download.

It plays everthing I have thrown at it. (audio and video)

  ashdav 09:18 04 Jun 2005

you need the correct codecs. click here and install 2.41 full. At the point where it says mpeg2 select Elecard and Ligos.

  DieSse 12:07 04 Jun 2005

With repsect - what both of you are saying may help - but since you don't know the filenames, they might not - what if it's a PowerPoint "movie" for example.

So - can you please give us the filename extension - or alternatively say whether one of the other suggestions worked.

  pj123 13:13 04 Jun 2005

DieSse, You're right again. We don't know the file extension. I have just looked at my JetAudio and there is no Powerpoint movie listed, so it won't play them. We will just have to wait for neil_raj to respond. Maybe he/she has to work on Saturday?

  neil_raj 18:31 04 Jun 2005

Thanks guys for your help..... The Codec files worked. Neil.

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