Movies dont work.

  Alex-188000 16:39 31 Oct 2004

Ive got a couple of movies on my PC. Ones a avi file and the other is a DivX video file. When you open them and play them the start fine but afterabout 5 seconds the video freezes but the audio continues. I've tried a number of players including, Windows Media, Jet Audio, InterWin DVD, and DivX Player but the same thing happens in the same place. why is this happening and whats the soloution? Thanks to any replys.

  Diodorus Siculus 19:54 31 Oct 2004

Maybe you need to update some of the codecs: click here for some.

  xania 20:11 31 Oct 2004

This is a problem with some downloaded movies when you stitch the files together. JFuse generates this problem under certain circumstances, but it can be overcome by using the merge mode <Force>.

  Alex-188000 21:28 31 Oct 2004

Thanks to you I can now watch them, Updated all my codecs. Cheers!!!

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