Movie playback jerky

  redshift300 19:20 28 Jul 2003

Playback on DVD and Windows media player has recently become jerky, plays OK for about three seconds and the gives a short jump. Does this repeatidly.
Cleaned and reset RAM.
1200mz Duron. Dual boot XP and ME.
512 meg ram
MSI motherboard. 450 watt PSU.
Any help would be appreciated.

  Joe McG 19:26 28 Jul 2003


Do you have a hardware decoder?.

  pcgal 19:26 28 Jul 2003

redshift is DMA (direct memory access) enabled..........I had similar problem with the above disabled

  redshift300 20:46 28 Jul 2003

This system worked OK for about the last year.
Power DVD and DMA switched on

  redshift300 20:48 28 Jul 2003

Another thought, could ram cause this problem.
What hardware decoder do you recommend.

  MichelleC 09:26 29 Jul 2003

You could test if it's ram by turning off non-vital b/g progs. Could be sound card driver.

  peter. 12:51 29 Jul 2003

Wonder if you have tried stopping the Virus checker, it could be slowing your machine a lot?
Maybe checking everything from your DVD drive?
Disable it, and thry the DVD Movie them.

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