Movie making on DVD and editing .mov format

  amyfleur 22:34 02 Nov 2006

Advice please on making a movie.

1. Having borrowed a digital camcorder and taken several clips of our holiday, I had to buy a firewire to download them to the PC. So far so good. Then I used Windows Movie Maker to make a 'project' but find I cannot save it to a DVD so that we can watch it on the tv. Therefore can I ask for suggestions for a programme/software to buy so that I can edit and produce my movie and then transfer to a DVD so we can watch it on the tv?

2. I have dozens of short digital clips taken via my Kodak camera. They are in .mov format. I can view them on my PC but would like to put them all together with some editing onto a DVD? Is this possible? Windows movie maker will not import .mov - any suggestions please?

Thank you.

  skidzy 22:58 02 Nov 2006

Firstly i take you have a dvd writer ?

click here
click here

These may help,but the best converters you normally have to pay something im afraid.Someone may come up with a good free version.

  Dragon_Heart 23:00 02 Nov 2006

First your .mov files. These are in Quick Time format and can easily be converted by downloading one of the freeware mov to avi converters from the web ( may even be one in the PCA download section ).

As for your Movie Maker movies did you not get any software for creating DVD's with your DVD writer ? Try their web site !

This download site may help click here but I can not vouch for any of the software.

  amyfleur 00:05 03 Nov 2006

Yes I do have a DVD writer - DVD Dual double-layer on my ACER laptop and ditto on my desktop.

Thanks for the links - the 2nd site looks too complicated

eg. The program is very powerful, but not very easy to use. You must have at least some knowledge about formats, codecs, bitrate, and so on.

but I will have a scout around the other link tomorrow.

I spent an hour or so looking at your link VideoHelp earlier this evening (which I found by looking for help in previous threads)and couldn't find much to go on.

I have just looked in Programs and found 'Cyberlink Powerproducer' which I presume is the programme that came with the ACER laptop, so I will have a study of this tomorrow.

The desktop PC has a DVD making programme as well (can't remember the name at the moment) but it is rubbish compared with W.M.M.

Thanks again to you both.

  GroupFC 09:32 03 Nov 2006

OK – here goes. Windows MovieMaker 2 does not support burning to DVD, which is big hole in what is a very useful (FREE) video-editing application, from which with a little effort you can get some very good results.

When you say “Then I used Windows Movie Maker to make a 'project' but find I cannot save it to a DVD so that we can watch it on the tv.” I assume that you have finished the movie using the save movie wizard and are not trying to save/burn the moviemaker project file to DVD, as this definitely will not work! What you need to do is finish the movie, save it to your HD (preferably as an .avi file, and then use other software for creating the DVD.

I am afraid that I have not worked with .mov files (but as you rightly say these are not a supported file type in MM2), so these would need to be converted before editing in MM2.

Two bits of advice - .avi files are huge, and take up shed-loads of HD space, and video-editing etc. is extremely time-consuming, so make sure you have plenty of both!

Two sites that I always direct people to when this type of question comes up are click here and click here (I think the second site is a bit dated but does still contain some useful info.)

I am not familiar with PowerProducer (I use Ulead’s VideoStudio 10), but I have just had a quick look at it , and I think it should be possible to make your movies in MM2, save them as .avi files and then load the .avi files into PowerProducer to create the DVD, without having to worry about formats, codecs, bitrate etc., but you may have to do some experiments!


  jbaker65 10:55 03 Nov 2006

Download uLead Video Studio 10 trial. You will be able to do all you want during the trial period. I think you will like it and most likely decide to buy it.

  GroupFC 11:32 03 Nov 2006

I could have said that too, because that is just what I did! However, I still prefer to use MM2, for a lot of my projects. I find it more intuitive, but I guess it is just what you get used to!

There's quite a useful forum at click here
and a number of tutorials/guides can be found on the web.

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