Movie Maker - can't copy tape to DVD or videotape

  Rubia 14:29 31 Jan 2005

Bought new camcorder and external rewriter hoping to transfer family films to DVD for playing on DVD player/tv. I followed the procedure on Movie Maker i.e. 1(capture video) 2(edit movie) and step 3 says "finish movie by saving to computer,save to CD, etc etc. It does not say send to DVD so I clicked on "send to DVD camera". It then says "connect camera to computer using IEEE 1394 cable. I have a USB 2 port with a powered 4 port hub, and connecting the USB cable supplied with the camera does nothing. Do I have to buy a IEEE 1394 cable and does this plug into the USB port ? Daft question probably to you knowledgeable guys but I am struggling to understand all this.
Also I have doubts if my computer recognises the new DVD rewriter as whilst the "My Computer" screen shows this as drive "F" it does not appear in the "safely remove hardware" box (following Microsoft help screen) I installed the software but how can I check all is OK ?
In experimenting I think I've trans my holiday video to disc a few times (to my videos)as the computer is very very slow now despite being broadband - any connection ?
There doesn't seem to be a delete button on right clicking the video files.
Any further plain English advice would be welcomed and thanks for being patient !!

  john-232317 14:38 31 Jan 2005

You really need a IEEE 1394 card and cable to transfer. I will have a look in movie maker and get back to you about delete.

  john-232317 14:39 31 Jan 2005

Try and play a DVD or a CD in your unit to see if its regognised

  john-232317 14:44 31 Jan 2005

In WMM, click on collections, this should list all the videos you have made, if it is duplicated just hilite it and delete it or them if there are more copies.

  scotty 14:53 31 Jan 2005

USB and IEEE1394 perform very similar tasks but they operate differently and are not interchangeable. What connections are available on your camera? What model is it?

I think a DVD camera is one which records to DVD instead of tape. You do not want to use this option.

It does sound as if your DVD writer is not being recognised. On my system, two drive letters are assigned to the DVD writer, one is used when it recognises a CD, the other when it recognises a DVD. If you insert a DVD into the DVD writer what happens?

  Rubia 16:15 31 Jan 2005

Thanks for responding. Put CD and DVD in new Liteon ReWriter and they both play OK.
A copy of the video is on "my collections" and another edited copy in "my videos". So have deleted the collections one OK. I now need to find a way of getting the "my videos" edited copy onto DVD or back to Mini DVtape. This is my problem.
Connection on Sony DCR-hc20 Handycam (mini DV)cable which was supplied goes to USB2 port and to USB jack on camera. There is also a IEEE1394 socket on camera.
What is the IEEE card ? How is it connected to computer ? Do you have to go inside ?
Believe me I'm spending hours on this and your help would be very welcome. It's all new and complicated but I will persevere!

  stlucia 16:32 31 Jan 2005

Did your DVD burner come with its own burning software? If so, try using it to put the copy from "my videos" onto a DVD. I haven't used Movie Maker, but I'm aware that other video software often falls down at the burning stage.

  john-232317 17:00 31 Jan 2005

Yes it does go inside, but easy to fit. You get the cable with the card. This link will help...

click here

Try as stlucia says, with your burning software you got with the burner, or download a trial version of Nero.

Also type VHS to DVD in the search on the left, you will find loads of help in the threads that come up.

  Rubia 10:45 01 Feb 2005

daddyassa. Finally got it burnt to disc using the Nero software which came with the ReWriter but did not include transitions etc. Also very fuzzy when viewed on tv. I've spent hours on this - if manufacturers can't produce a more easily understood product with a printed manual geared to average Joe Bloggs instead of geeks and printed help manuals instead of twoing & froing between help screens then they can all sod off. I've had enough and have given up. Thanks for your help - I'm retired and just come into computers and struggling. But it's beaten me.

  stlucia 10:57 01 Feb 2005

I hope you don't mean it about giving up, Rubia. I'm not familiar with Nero, but Roxio and Sonic (ones that I am familiar with) give you options regarding quality. Sounds like you may have burned at "Video CD" quality which, I agree with you, does not look very good on a TV.

I use Pinnacle to create MPEG2 (necessary for DVD quality) output files including all the transitions etc., and then drag and drop them into Roxio to create a DVD. I don't ask Pinnacle to do any burning, and I don't ask Roxio to do any video editing. Works for me.

  Xevious 12:31 01 Feb 2005

sit back, take a deep breath...

MM2, for some reason, does not have the export to DVD function as you have just found out. you will need to export to your hard disk like you did, and then use that file in another program such as Power Producer 2, Movie Factory...etc

hopefully one day MM2 will in fact support exporting to DVD...

the key to the quality for a start is the way you imported the file from video in the first place.

find the setting that gives you the highest quality. i think the DV-AVI is the one you should use.

here's a good guide to use:

click here


click here

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