Movie file fast forward

  StevieB77 16:29 24 May 2003

I have got several movie files on my computer that can only be played or paused, it is impossible to fast forward or take it back to an earlier part. Does anyone know a way of getting around this problem? I am using Media Player 9.

  otubby1 22:00 24 May 2003

Move the slider to the position you want and press 'Play'.

  StevieB77 13:32 25 May 2003

I probably didn’t explain clearly enough. When I move the slider to another part of the movie and let it go it automatically move back to where it was and carries on playing from the same place.

  crx1600 13:43 25 May 2003

some wmv files do this.

browse your program folders and find WMP6.4 (clapperboard icon), then use this player for those files, it should give you a working seek bar.

or 'open with..' and select WMP6.4 from the list.

  StevieB77 14:01 25 May 2003

I have done a search for WMP6.4 but can’t find it on my computer. I have tried downloading and installing it but it just says that Windows 2000 does not support this version of WMP.

  crx1600 14:06 25 May 2003

i wouldn't know if its included in win2000.

but in winME its in C\program files\windows media player, and named 'WMP2'

if its not in your 'open with'/'choose program', then its probably not included.

are the movie files .wmv?

  StevieB77 14:20 25 May 2003

I have found it now and it works fine, thanks for the advice.

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