A move to Serial ATA

  BAW083 11:35 20 Oct 2003

I have a MESH XP2700 RD97 who's main board is the ASUS A7N8X Deluxe.
I need a new hard drive and rather than simply replace the existing one with something of the same nature I'd like to move to SATA.
Apart from the drive would I require anything else? When looking on dabs.com at the SATA drives they have accessories linked to these drives, principally in the form of a standard power connector.
The machine is about a year old and some SATA cables came with the computer, which is currently fitted with a IDE-133 drive.

  tenaka 12:37 20 Oct 2003

As far as i know, when you buy the motherboard, you get the relevant cables but with all new technology you find the manufacturers who implement them first tend not to cover all bases.

For example the motherboard you have may have been one of the first to have a sata port (or two) but may not be everything you need.

Sata drives use a different power cable too that needs converting. I don't know if the new drive maybe comes with this or not (maybe someone else can help).

  Rayuk 18:22 20 Oct 2003

You will have to buy a power cable convertor seperately.

  cyberphobic 18:34 20 Oct 2003

Don't be put off by this I just picked one up from my local Maplins for £3 or £4.

  Rayuk 19:06 20 Oct 2003

scan.co.uk under hard drives/serial ata o.88p each

  The Sack 19:09 20 Oct 2003

Unless you intend running RAID 0 i wouldnt bother TBH as it offers no benefits apart from freeing up the IDE a bit.

  Cantillion 19:34 20 Oct 2003

I'd strongly suggest you opt for a SATA drive to be honest - recent (web) reviews for SATA drives have raved about their performance, with the recently released Hitachi Deskstar 7K250 being the cream of the current crop! Infact I opted for the 160GB flavour and haven't been dissapointed by the performance increase over my (admitadly now slow and outdated) WD1200BB.

And the big advantage of the 7K250 is the legacy 4-pin molex connector - so you don't even have to buy a power converter. If Mesh were kind, they would have included the SATA cable with your PC... but I severely doubt it. I forgot to add one to my order, but lucky me found two SATA cable lying around from where I'd built the PC a few months ago. Ahh, the beauty of building your own PC!!

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