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  john1000 20:17 12 Sep 2003

i have a fairly new laptop running xp home and a computer runnining windows 98 i would like to transfer programmes etc from the laptop to my other computer i have asked my local computer shop but to be honest i dont think he has a clue so i thought i would ask the experts help much apprecited thanks

  powerless 20:47 12 Sep 2003

You cant transfer them as in copy then.

You need to reinstall then.

  xania 20:54 12 Sep 2003

With very few exceptions, all programs need to be installed afresh as they will need to install some important files within Windows itself.

  VoG II 20:56 12 Sep 2003

... and register themselves - i.e. put one or more entries in the Registry.

  john1000 21:15 12 Sep 2003

i think u have misunderstood i want to connect my laptop and computer to copy things from one to another

  wee eddie 21:48 12 Sep 2003

Your laptop will, almost certainly have a Network Port, but you may have to install a Network Card in the PC and buy a CAT cable to connect the two.

  john1000 22:05 12 Sep 2003

thanks my laptop has got a network port but my computer has not i will get a card and a cable does windows reconise these are joint or do you have to have software to transfer your data

  wee eddie 22:15 12 Sep 2003

A search here will help and probably confuse at the same time.

I needed help setting everything up, as I had never experienced a Networked PC before but there are folk here who will talk you through it.

You will probably get the bits you need from PCW for about £25.00 or so.

  Audeal 23:52 12 Sep 2003

Maybe one of these will help:

click here
click here

  xania 21:29 14 Sep 2003

If all you want to do is copy files, you could do worse than Fastmove - comes complete with serial cable for direct connection and can set up one as local and one as remote. You then see the equivalent of 2 Windows explorer's side by side anc can compare and move or merely update changes.
I've gotan old version from Checkit, but I have heard that it then moves to Touchstone and more recdently was bought up by Smith Micro Software.

  DieSse 21:54 14 Sep 2003

Simpler than installing network cards, and much faster than a serial port link, is a USB to USB link. Available almost anywhere, from a simple file transfer facility to nearly a proper network.

You can then copy across whatever files you want.

But as has been said earlier, you cannot copy installed programs and expect them to work, as there are many extra files that you won't know about and pretty unrecognisable, in the Windows, Windows/system and other folders, plus registry entries and other settings.

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