Move Personal (local) folder from Outlook to WLM

  bogorman 12:34 29 Nov 2008

I have Personal (Local) folder in Outlook and I want to transfer it to a Storage Folder in Windows Live Mail.
I have exported it to a pst file but when I try to import it into WLM I am asked to create a profile. All I want to do is to transfer the data so I can read it locally in WLM. How can I do that?

  Woolwell 15:01 29 Nov 2008

Which OS?
Are you trying to read the e-mails in Live Mail. Is Outlook on the same PC and the Windows Live Mail?

  bogorman 15:24 29 Nov 2008

Hi Woolwell,

Many thanks for your response.

I have Outlook and WLM on both my pc and my laptop. The Outlook folder which contains these messages is on my pc and it is a (local) Personal Folder. Is it easier to transfer if Outlook and WLM are on the same machine - if so, perhaps I should do it on the pc first? In this case, can I transfer the folder without exporting to a pst?

Re the OS. I am working in Windows XP Pro (the laptop is a MacBook but I am running WLM (and Outlook) in Windows using Parallels).

Would appreciate your further advice.


  Woolwell 17:33 29 Nov 2008

I don't use WLM but my understanding is that you should have Outlook and WLM on the same system and then you should be able to opne Windows Live Mail and Under File - Import select Meesage and a box should open up with Outlook.

  bogorman 12:42 01 Dec 2008

Yes, that's a good idea. Have followed your suggestion and WLM did import the messages. At first could not find them but eventually found them in "Unread e-mail". The strange thing is that WLM will not display the graphics in the messages - they are gif and jpeg files (statistics from a website which I maintain) - and it displays a warning "Prohibited File Type". As far as I can see the graphics files are all gifs and jpegs and the message displays ok in Outlook. Also, the help file linked to the error message does not list these file types as ones which it blocks! If you can throw any light upon this, I would be grateful.
I can temporarily stop WLM from blocking attachments, but I don't really want to do that for security reasons.

  bogorman 12:56 01 Dec 2008

Hi Woolwell,
Something else I've discovered. The web hosting company which hosts our site has software called SmarterStats installed which enable us to email stats for our website every month to us. These are the files which I wanted to transfer from Outlook. This month's stats have just arrived and they display perfectly! I assume that the importing process somehow or other modifies the attachments and causes the error message to appear when trying to display them.
Anyway, Woolwell, please don't spend any more time on it. I really appreciate you help.
I will just log in to SmarterStats direct and select the stats we need. It won't involve much work.
Regards and thanks again

  Woolwell 15:24 01 Dec 2008

As I said before I don't use WLM but I have it on my PC (comes with Vista) and under Tools - Options - Security Tab you wll find a check box "Block images and other external content in HTML e-mail" unchecking this should allow your graphics to be displayed. If Windows Mail works like Outlook then there may be a bar at the top of the e-mail to click on to allow graphics for that e-mail.

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