Move order of windows in tool bar

  collinsc 11:34 13 Nov 2009


I don’t think this is possible – but I’ll ask anyhow…

Are you able to change the order of windows opened in the toolbar – across the bottom of the PC? i.e. If I have Outlook open, and a couple of folders, and a few web pages – can I drag them or anything to change order?


  gazzaho 12:41 13 Nov 2009

Do you mean change the order they are displayed on the taskbar from left to right? If so this program "Taskbar Shuufle" will do it and it's free (click here) it works with Vista and XP, Windows 7 has the ability built in.

  collinsc 16:39 13 Nov 2009

yep - thats what i mean - but my work PC, so i wont be able to download taskbar shuffle...

  woodchip 16:42 13 Nov 2009

So Why do you want to do that? why not open them in the order you want them on the task bar

  gazzaho 00:51 14 Nov 2009

I've found with Vista that some programs don't stay where they are opened on the taskbar, Windows Explorer had a habit of moving from the first location on the taskbar to the end when accessing external USB drives, or more to the point when it had some problem accessing them. In my opinion Vista wasn't that good at dealing with USB in general. When you get used to having a program in one location it's a pain when it suddenly moves to another, and as far as I'm aware you have to shut every program down then re-open them in order again to get them back the way you had them.


I guess you're out of luck unless you ask your system administrator to install or allow you to install it.

  collinsc 10:23 14 Nov 2009

gazzaho - darnit, ok cheers - thought that may have been the case.

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