Move IE Favorites

  David4637 16:04 02 Mar 2010

Can I move IE6 Favorites from the C:\Documents & Settings\User Name\Favorites to say D:\Favorites.
Please advise me, if applicable how to?
Thanks David

  Ian in Northampton 17:15 02 Mar 2010

David: why would you want to? You can certainly export them (File, Import/Export) to that location in order to create a backup, but I'm not sure if you can point IE at the new location.

  GaT7 17:26 02 Mar 2010

Try click here. G

  Ian in Northampton 17:30 02 Mar 2010

You live and learn.. :-) Nice one, Crossbow.

  GaT7 17:40 02 Mar 2010

Btw, many other folders can also be moved the same way if desired (same principle involved) - this includes:

CD Burning, Desktop, Default Installation Path, My Documents, My Music, etc. G

  six-h 17:52 02 Mar 2010

Does this "Right Dragging" work in all flavors of Windows?
If so, it's way simpler than the palaver I went through with Vista and well worth remembering!

  GaT7 18:02 02 Mar 2010

six-h, I can confirm that it works in XP.

I've Win7 on another PC, but it may take a while to confirm this.

So if someone else who's using Win7 right now can try it & get back? Don't worry, you can stop short of actually moving the folder. When you release the right button over the destination folder, the menu/applet pop-up will let to know if it is possible or not - at which point you can stop the process by navigating away. G

  David4637 20:52 02 Mar 2010

Thanks all for your replies. I wanted to move the folder so I could back it up more easliy as it would be in my case a data backup rather than a OS backup when I use ATI - ATI is the best thing since sliced bread.
Thanks again David

  David4637 15:12 03 Mar 2010

Moved Favorites as Crossbow7 said, no probs, just what I wanted it to do.
It might be worth waitng to see if this can done on W7 - will leave it open a bit longer.
Thanks David

  Batch 17:22 03 Mar 2010

Depending upon what apps you use you might also want to move the following (I realise that you may have done some already) :

Address Book
Templates (e.g. Word templates)

BTW, I'm not sure that all of the other folders mentioned above will drag in the same way. On my XP Pro machine, Documents and Desktop won't. Documents can be done by right clicking and selecting Properties. Desktop just doesn't move AFAIK.

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