move files into /root dir in linux

  Aol Hater 09:13 03 Jul 2003

i have some files that i need to save in /root/lib/modules/drivers/net in linux, i have the files saved into a folder on my linux desktop, to move the files i need to log in as root, so i log out and log in as root and the files are not there, so i put them on a cd and floppy but root desktop has no mnt/cd or mnt/fd, how can i save these files to the directory i want them, as when i try to do it in my profile (not /root) obviously it says i dont have access,

any help is wonderfully appreciated

ps i have mandrake 9

  Aol Hater 16:20 03 Jul 2003


  Aol Hater 22:54 03 Jul 2003


  TBH1 22:59 03 Jul 2003

I was under the impression that as root user, you have access to all files - - whats the linux path to your files ??ie the path to where you want to put them is /root/lib/modules/drivers/net - -

  jazzypop 23:01 03 Jul 2003

Does this help? - click here - see also the CDRom how-to link in the top right

  Aol Hater 23:03 03 Jul 2003

i do have access to all files but cos i log out as my user and log back in as root i can no longer access my user files eg i cant navigate to them from the home dir, and i cannot see a way of opening a cd or floppy in /root. i like to use the gui to cut and paste files into folders. hope i make sense

  Aol Hater 23:04 03 Jul 2003

thanks but i think you missundestand me, i can acess the cd drive etc in 'myusername' but not in 'root'

  Tesman 08:27 04 Jul 2003

Open a terminal, enter "su" (no quotes, of course) to gain root access, and then it's a bit of command line magic, I'm afraid. Type (all on one line, and be careful of the spaces)

mv /home/AolHater/Desktop/folder name/file name /lib/modules/drivers/net

Replace "Aolhater" with your login name, and the folder/file names with whatever's appropriate, of course.

By the way, you do have access to everything in root: when you're logged in to the root desktop, open Konqueror (KDE file manager), click on the blue up arrow at the top left, and you'll be able to drill down through the file tree to your heart's content.

If you want to have full access to your files as a normal user rather than as root, open the K menu, go to Applications > File Tools > File Manager-Super User Mode - enter your root password and you'll have access via Konqueror as above. And yes, you'll be able to drag and drop files from your desktop to wherever you want them.

I'm a masochist - i actually like the command line!

Hope this helps.

  Tesman 08:39 04 Jul 2003

Last paragraph doesn't read too clear (damn these night shifts) - I should have said that if you want full read/write access to your files without going via the root desktop you should use the File Manager Super User Mode. You'll still need to use your root password, of course.

By the way, if you want to open a floppy or CD as root, use the File Manager, click on the up arrow and open "mnt". You'll see icons for your drives there.

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