Move Data from Pendrive To Desktop Path To Long Windows 7

  RobCharles1981 22:46 24 Sep 2013

Hi Guys

I'm running Windows 7, and I want to move stuff from my Pendrive over to my desktop but Windows 7 is moaning that some of the folder names are too long, yet I never had this issue in XP.

Is there a way around this?



  lotvic 23:38 24 Sep 2013

Windows 7 supports up to 244 characters total folders path file name. more info ClickHere

It may be that you are trying to move files to another folder path that then takes the total over the limit. example C:\Users\user name\Documents\ takes up 29 before you even start.

  RobCharles1981 11:13 25 Sep 2013

That's right is there a way to change this?

  wee eddie 13:08 25 Sep 2013

Yes ~ Shorten your File names

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