Move from C drive to Ddrive

  toonfireman1 13:42 02 Oct 2004

Could someone in a simple way(very simple) explain how I can do the following
XP pro
I have two hard drives As one is filling up and one is empty I wish to move some work on to empty one manly photos could someone help

  bremner 13:53 02 Oct 2004

Just drag and drop the folders from one drive to other

  Forum Editor 14:17 02 Oct 2004

is to open two windows - one showing the folder on the C drive that contains the files you want to move, and the other containing the folder on the D drive that is to receive the files. If there's no folder (or folders) on the D drive you should create them first.

You can resize the windows by taking the cursor to one corner - the bottom right by deafult - and clicking when you see the double-headed arrow. Hold the mouse button down and drag the window corner until you have a window that occupies around half of your screen. Do the same with the other window until you have two easily viewable windows. Then simply click on a file, hold the mouse button, and drag a file from the C drive window to the D drive window - let it go when you are in the folder you want. You don't have to open the folder if you don't want to, just drop the file when you are over it - you'll see the folder icon grow faint.

Practice a few times and you'll get the idea - it's easier than it sounds.

You can drag multiple files to save time, but you asked for it to be kept very simple, so stick with one file at a time for now. Come back if you want to learn about multiple file selection. You can drag an entire folder full of files in the same way as a single file by the way - just click on it and drag it across.

  pj123 14:23 02 Oct 2004

You will find this a whole lot easier to do if you use PowerDesk 5. You can download powerdesk 5 from the PCA download page. click here

  [DELETED] 14:36 02 Oct 2004

If you right click the MyDocuments icon and select Properties, it will give you the option of placing your whole My Documents folder on your D: drive.

With most people that will free up quite a lot of space on the C: drive. Most people that I know tend to leave all the default settings as are, so the C: drive does fill up quite quickly and My Documents (in my opinion) is the most abused folder on the computer.

So once you've opened the Properties window, you'll see the current path to My Documents.

Type d:\My Documents then click on the 'Move' button. You will be asked if you want to move all the folders in My Documents to D:, you say YES and then it will ask you to reboot the computer.

The reboot will take a bit longer as it will then move the files.

In my opinion (and it's only that and others are bound to comment on whether THEY regard it as a good idea), this is the easiest way to 'share the load' on your hard drive.

If I were you (and I'm not), I'd read all the ideas that appear here and then choose what you think is the best and then do that, but not immediately.

Good luck

  toonfireman1 15:46 02 Oct 2004

Thanks everyone

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