.mov files to Compact Card

  geedad 21:20 26 Dec 2004

I have emptied my Compact Flash card of .mov (Quicktime ) files to my PC and they work fine. However, when I try to copy them back to the C/F card and insert it back in the camera, the camera tells me that there are no files.
Anyone know why this is?

  britto 22:20 26 Dec 2004

just tried it, my files are AVI,s would not be recognised in the camera, but added the corresponding thumbnail files and all ok

  geedad 00:07 27 Dec 2004

Although they don't show in the camera, I can view and playback the clips when the C/F is re-inserted in the PC.
Strange, since the file extensions are the same as the originals, I.E. '.mov'
I wonder if they need a different extension when saving them back to C/F ?
Incidently, these clips were before I bought a DVD recorder where I can record all of my new clips directly. I am looking for a simple way to import the OLD .mov files on my PC into the C/F of my camera, then directly to my DVD recorder.

  billyliv 00:30 27 Dec 2004

Hi, Once you have tranferred your clips into your PC try reformatting your card. I dont know which OS. System you are using eg. XP. Some Digi. cameras will only let you reformat through the camera, while others will reformat through the PC. (I am assuming you have a card reader installed in your computer) In XP go through Disk Management and try reformatting your card. Once it is reformatted you will be able to transfer data etc. Cheers, Bill

  geedad 08:09 27 Dec 2004

Thanks! I have just tried it, but it doesn't work!
I now think it is something to do with the FAT, where there should be a minimum FAT of 16, as opposed to the FAT 12 from my camera card. I am, however, stil open to suggestions.

  britto 12:25 27 Dec 2004

When you download a new clip to your computer is there just the .MOV file or is there a .THM file with the same number with it. Although my Canon camera uses .AVI files it says no image if I do not put the associated .THM file back on to the cardwith it,this extra file must enable the camera to read and play the clip.
this may not apply to your camera but worth checking.

ps, is this a stand alone dvd recorder you are coping to

  geedad 12:53 27 Dec 2004

Just the .mov file.
The DVD recorder is a Panasonic DVD Ram recorder.
Records to DVD-R ( permanent one-off ) DVD -RAM ( Record and Erase forever )
I can record directly to the machine using the single connection to my Kodak Mc3 and through to the DVD recorder's Yellow, White and Red sockets.
Works fine! But I have OLD .mov I wish to record to DVD, and after transfer of them to my C/F card, the camera doesn't recognise them - if it did I could then take the camera directly to the recorder for transfer.
I have, however, succesfully converted the .mov files on the PC to MEPG files which I can then convert to DVD ( using Adobe Premiere LE and Click to DVD ) This takes a long time and I was looking for a short-cut!
Apologies to billyliv and NOT hillyliv!

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