Mouse/number pad for laptop

  Cola Bear 19:39 24 Jul 2005

I have recently purchased a Dell laptop - Inspiron 510m. I am finding the touchpad a real pain and presume I could connect a mouse to the laptop. If so, does it have to be a particular type compatible with the laptop model and is cable (USB?) normally supplied. In addition, I would prefer also to have a number pad rather than using the numbers along the top row of the keyboard. Does anybody know where I can order these items without ending up with something that isn't compatible?

  VoG II 20:08 24 Jul 2005

Pretty well any mouse with a USB connection will work and, yes, the mouse will come with a cable. Just make sure that it is a USB connector on the end.

  Totally-braindead 20:13 24 Jul 2005

If your laptop has a PS2 port then you can use any PS2 mouse, if it only has USB ports then you will have to use a USB mouse. Regarding a numeric pad the ones I've seen are all USB so you'll need a free port available for that as well.

  Taff36 06:52 25 Jul 2005

Personally I find using a laptop keyboard a pain after the first hour! I bought a Logitech Wireless Mouse / Keyboard whwich only needs the transmitter plugged into one USB connector. The mouse and keyboard run off rechargeable batteries (Jessops sell 4 with a charger that looks like a mobile phone for £9.99)

The keyboard has customised buttons for launching programs Internet Explorer / Outlook and Media Player for Example. It also has volume controls and a mute button etc. It also has a full numeric keypad.

I can pack the mouse / transmitter in the laptop case and take it everywhere. The mouse is optical so I don`t need a mat. I take the keyboard with me when I can but for visiting clients I can manage without.

Have a good look in the large stores, PC World/Staples/Currys etc and see what`s available. Try the keyboard keys & mouse for the right "feel" - it`s a personal thing and important if you are going to use it a lot, particularly if you have arthritus or joint problems. Prices range from £20 - £80 and the fact that you can do away with cables is a big help.

  Jackcoms 18:54 25 Jul 2005

Did you purchase your 510m online through the Dell website, as I recently did?

External keyboards and a selection of USB mice are optional extras.

You may still be able to purchase them as separate items from Dell.

  Cola Bear 20:53 25 Jul 2005

Thanks again all for your prompt responses and patience in assisting with my IT naiveness!

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