Mouse/Keyboard Unresponsive at Desktop, works in B

  Kenth Acierto 09:45 06 Apr 2017

I have been unable to use my mouse and keyboard at the desktop. This problem began when my computer began to slow down about 10 minutes after I booted it up. When I tried to open different windows such as My Computer or access the Task Manager, they would all freeze. Even when I clicked them repeatedly to initiate the prompt to force close them, they failed to close.

The next step that I did after this was to reformat the computer and reinstall Windows 10 (at this time I was using an evaluation of Windows 10 Enterprise). Once I had a clean computer everything worked well for almost a week. I had to update and shutdown at some point and after doing so the mouse and keyboard became unresponsive when I booted the computer back up after letting the updates install. The mouse cursor was not visible either. I was sure that the screen was not frozen as I have seen the time update after observing it. My first thought was that the updates were the root of the issue but I decided that some of the programs may been the problem instead. So I reprogrammed the computer without installing the adobe and microsoft software. It would work for only a couple of days until the issues would start back up. Again, I had to update and restart the computer and upon doing so the problem came back up.

At this point, I figured that the issues was with the updates so when I reprogrammed it again and reinstalled the OS, I made sure to take steps into disabling the updates. During this time I only installed a couple of games with steam and google chrome. It would work about six days and I did not have to update and shut down at any time. However, the problem came back up after my computer crashed while playing a game and booting it back up. Again, the mouse and keyboard were unresponsive but the computer itself was not frozen.

My next suspicion was that there were some issues with the evaluation copy and that it was doing something to mess with the drivers or was failing to read them. So I decided to get a copy of Windows 10 pro. I reprogrammed once again and installed the full version of Windows 10 pro and got the screen working. However, when I had to restart the computer after some driver updates, the mouse and keyboard became unresponsive again. At this point I did not even install any programs and just within the few minutes I booted it up and restarted after reprogramming the problem came up.

I’d also like to say that for every instance that I had to reprogram the computer, the mouse and keyboard worked perfectly fine in the BIOS screen. Even at times when they stopped working at the desktop, I would go and check their functionality in the BIOS screen and they would work there.

I have already ruled out that the problem isn’t from the programs I’ve used, the windows updates, the operating system, or the mouse and keyboard themselves. What I would like to know is what other causes do I need to test for and how would I resolve them? I am using an Asus Maximum IX formula motherboard and I started with Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation into Windows 10 Pro.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:11 06 Apr 2017

Assuming they are USB operated have you looked at updating the USB control drivers?

  putorjuy 04:02 10 Apr 2017

If you found the mouse or keyboard cannot working or do not working properly, you need to consider update the mouse, keyboard and usb control driver at first.

And did you pluged or installed any other devices to your computer? Sometimes, these devices will made a conflicts.

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