Mouse won't work following upgrade to broadband

  Throbber 15:28 19 Aug 2004

My USB Logitech cordless mousman optical mouse has stopped working since I upgraded to broadband. I suspect it may be a conflict with the new modem. I have updated to the latest mouse driver, without success. I have rolled back to previous driver, but no joy. I ave even tried to re-install from the CD that came with the mouse originally - this gave me the error message "Our software cannot work on your computer. Well, it used to!
I can get by using my PS/2 mouse, which works OK, but I'd rather use the Logitech. Any ideas would be very welcome.


  rawprawn 16:04 19 Aug 2004

Have you tried disconnecting the modem, then getting the mouse working again then reconnect the modem.

  Throbber 17:10 19 Aug 2004

I tried this, rawprawn, but no joy. Device manager tells me the mouse is working, but it isn't!
Thanks anyway


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:21 19 Aug 2004

USB modems tend to draw lots of power from the hub, if you have mouse and modem in same hub this could be problem put modm direct into port on PC

  Elrond 17:23 19 Aug 2004

IS the modem a USB job? Are the modem and mouse pluged into USB ports on the same hub? If so can the mouse be plugged into a USB port elsewhere as the modem? Reason being the modem may be taking all of the power from the USB hub ur in thus stopping the mouse from working.

  Elrond 17:24 19 Aug 2004

Sorry mate I was typing my response out as you were posting yours.

  Throbber 18:38 19 Aug 2004

Thanks, Elrond & Fruit Bat. Have now tried this, but still no joy. Does IRQ conflict or incompatibility mean anything? It's over my head!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:06 19 Aug 2004

IRQ = interrupt request --- basically system looks at device every few micro seconds, if two similar devices on same IRQ both being looked at at same time system becomes confused i.e. conflict

does it give you the option to change the IRQ for either of your devices. ie. change modem to IRQ 7 (usually for printers)

  Throbber 20:30 19 Aug 2004


No, no such option offered.

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