mouse won't work.

  elbecko 08:01 16 Dec 2010

i've just bought a new optical mouse, plugged it in, unplugged the old one, but it doesn't work.
it lights up but i can't move the pointer on the screen.
it didn't come with a disc, and when i plug it in there is no message coming up about 'detecting new hardware'.

i don't understand, can anyone help please?

i run xp home and opera.

  Andsome 08:10 16 Dec 2010

Can you try it on a friends computer?

  elbecko 08:54 16 Dec 2010

not really as i live miles from everyone i know. btw it has a PS2 connection.

  onthelimit 09:03 16 Dec 2010

If it's PS2, try turning the PC off then on again.

  tullie 09:37 16 Dec 2010

Do they have any reset buttons?If so try them,i dont know as its a long time since ive used one.

  thumbscrew 10:51 16 Dec 2010

There should be a small button underneath the mouse and another on a separate unit that comes with them for a few seconds.

  onthelimit 11:27 16 Dec 2010

He doesn't say it's a wireless one, just optical.

  chub_tor 11:37 16 Dec 2010

Use the old mouse to go into Device Manager, Mice & Other POinting devices, uninstall the mouse driver. Switch off. Plug in the new mouse and re-boot. Let windows find the new mouse, if it doesn't then it is faulty.

  woodchip 12:42 16 Dec 2010

As above press the button on the receiver then quickly press the button in bottom of the Mouse

  chub_tor 12:53 16 Dec 2010

It's not a wireless mouse, just a regular plug in PS2 optical job, there is no receiver or transmitter.

  woodchip 13:51 16 Dec 2010

take it back

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