Mouse wants extra click

  [DELETED] 14:58 23 Dec 2003

Mouse has developed irritating habit. When highlighting text and releasing left button, have to make extra left click before delete or overtype will action. Similarly on scrolling left click required to release from scroll, Can anyone help please?

  Big Elf 15:05 23 Dec 2003

Is ClickLock activated in Mouse Properties? Accessed through Control Panel, Mouse

  [DELETED] 15:16 23 Dec 2003

Setting for left button is Click/Select. Draglock setting is available but not selected.
Problem persists with 3 different mice.

  Big Elf 15:28 23 Dec 2003

How long has it been doing this and did you install any software or updates around that time. The fact it's the same on other mice suggests that it's a configuration setting.

  [DELETED] 16:33 23 Dec 2003

Has been a problem for a few weeks. Will have to think back to what install\reinstall\windows update may have coincided. Did get new keyboard about time mouse bother started, have had mouse a good while, both Logitech. Have uninstalled keyboard software but did not help.

  Big Elf 17:38 23 Dec 2003

Is the keyboard one of those whizzy ones that have some mouse functionality e.g. trackball, scrollwheel etc.? If so it may have installed additional software as well as a driver which is causing this problem. I see that you've uninstalled the keyboard software though so I'm stumped at the moment.

  Stuartli 17:57 23 Dec 2003

Have you checked the configuration in Control Panel>Mouse>highlight and then click Properties?

Another thought is that you have installed software for your mouse (and perhaps others) and these drivers and and the Windows version are clashing.

This can be checked in Device Manager>Mice>Properties.

  [DELETED] 20:50 23 Dec 2003

Not sorted yet but you have given me ideas to work on and will sign off this thread for now
Many thanks

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