Mouse trouble

  Les 10:26 13 May 2005

OS:- Windows XP Home

I wonder if anyone has experienced this particular trouble? On switch on the mouse behaves normally, if, for any reason, I have to do a restart then the Mouse is not switched on, using the hot buttons to reatart again and the nouse does switch on. I wonder what is causing this.

I have a second query (not related to the above). I'm about to switch from BT Anytime to bT Broadband and, in light of my neighbour's experience where he immediately picked up the Trojan Horse Small when he went Broadband you may understand that I'm a little nercous about what I am doing here! Any advise you can give me to ease the transition would be appreciated. Oh, and I have yet to upgrade to Windows XP SP2 - should this be done before or after switch on. I do haved the disk and a gut feeling tells me that I should - or is that just a tummy ache 8-)), once again help would be appreciated.

  dazza39 10:39 13 May 2005

Les,i have a similar problem with my mouse,sometimes when i switch and i get to Windows login,its locks up and i have to keep re-starting till eventually it releases,also sometimes in games i loose control completly and have End task and start again,most annoying,i am using a serial port type so maybe there's a conflict somewhere,but have checked and it seems to to running ok,think i'll try changing.

  Gongoozler 10:41 13 May 2005

Hi Les. I can't think of any answers to your mouse problem. If it's a fairly old computer and you have a USB mouse it could be that the motherboard doesn't support the mouse until Windows is loaded - but that's a wild guess. The difference between restart and booting from off is that the BIOS isn't restarted from the beginning, and so some BIOS functions aren't carried out.

As for Broadband you are at less risk than with Dial-up because you are not susceptible to rogue diallers. Where problems do occur on Broadband it is because you can have the connection on 24 hours a day, and this gives hackers time to get into your computer. To protect yourself it's essential to have a good firewall (ZoneAlarm click here ) and adware detector (AdAware click here).

  dazza39 10:43 13 May 2005

Also Microsofts Amti-Spyware is another one to try i use it,also another good firewall is Kerio(free for Home use)

  jack 11:00 13 May 2005

It seems that a USB mouse as with all USB devices has to wait for the Machine to be fully up and running with all the USB drivers functioning.
Compared with a PS2 or or even a serial[are there any left?] which kicks in with keyboard because they are a built in function with the MoBo/BIOS

  jack 11:03 13 May 2005

Although I too have a USB pointer - a trackball actually, I also have a PS2 mouse permanently plugged in and parked in a mouse house - ......just in case

  dazza39 11:04 13 May 2005

So you saying a USB/PS2 mouse is better jack?.

  Les 11:44 13 May 2005

The nouse is a USB Optical - eaily the best mouse I've used over the years!! The computer is just over six months old.

I can understand (I think!) what you say about a cold start and a warm one - but, as the second restart is also a warm one but it does switch back on seems strange. Looks like going back to the Wireless mouse! Incidentally, is there any reason why these shouldn't work with rechargable batteries - as they can't be switched off (except by removing the batteries of course) The mouse has worked perfectly until now and did so on my previous computer Perhaps I'll adopt Jack's solution

The Zonealarm (free version) - any good?

I'm a bit puzzled by the reference to having a connection on 24 hrs a day - is there any way of isolating it from the computer, short of switching it off (defeating the purpose!) or pulling the plug (same thing). Pity these isn't a key operation which could isolate the input whern your'e doing other things. Clearly a good firewall, properly set up will be necessary - are they easy to set up?

Dazza39: I've got the Microsoft Anti Spy - I hadn't heard of the Kerio.

Thaks to all of you, any additional info will be received gratefully.

  jack 12:02 13 May 2005

Your query re PS2 v USB mice at this level a mouse is a mouse is a mouse- differing makes offer different/better functionabilty thats all.
No what implied is that I have a PS2 plugged in and parked as a standby -should the other go belly up
[Its track ball - perhaps it should be belly down]

  dazza39 13:09 13 May 2005

Lol,i'm going for the cordless route.

  Les 14:00 13 May 2005

No intention of being critical regarding mouses (er - mice>) just that the optical, be it corded or wireless, is less trouble and remains accurate for longer periods, at least it did until this trouble. The second mouse, adopting your idea, is a PS2 so, it's belt and braces for me too. Anyway, thanks for your contributions.

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