'Mouse trail' like blur on monitor

  Frosty120 22:46 26 Apr 2006

Hi, I have just had my monitor replaced under warrenty, however, the new monitor has a strnage ghosting effect leaving what looks like trails on black elements fading towards the right. Like all the black elements are overlayed fainter about 2mm appart and fading, dissapearing after about 4 or 5 repeats. Only happens on white backgrounds, but as I use CAD this is a problem.
Any idea what could cause the problem? Is it a setting or should I just send the monitor back?
Any advice would be helpful.
Matt Frost
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  woodchip 22:48 26 Apr 2006

Send it back explaining the Problem

  Frosty120 22:55 26 Apr 2006

I really don't want to do that (though I will if need be), this is the second unit they sent me, the first one I refused to take delivery of outright and sent back with the courier because the case was cracked.
It's taken weeks to get this far, and with important work deadlines in the next few weeks, I can't afford to waste too much time with equipment unplugged waiting for a courier.

  woodchip 22:59 26 Apr 2006

Sounds like it's a TFT monitor. But if you are going to keep it as it is, well I don't see what others can do to help

  Hertz Van Rentyl 22:59 26 Apr 2006

Has the "cursor trail" been enabled in your mouse setup.

  Hertz Van Rentyl 23:01 26 Apr 2006

If not maybe another pointer scheme might be less of a problem.

  woodchip 23:05 26 Apr 2006

This may help If it is a TFT, Did you use a CRT before you got the new monitor as I am just thinking it may be the Graphics card that as a fault. Can you try the Monitor on another Computer to check it

  Frosty120 23:06 26 Apr 2006

Ok, I should have said, it's actually a CRT, a iiyama Vision Master Pro 513 to be precise. The problem isn't a blur like on a TFT when it just doesn't refresh enough or whatever, even when everythings static, it's still there.

Hertz Van Rentyl
Don't worry, it's definitly not that, it appears on every dark line, not just the cursor, that was just the best way I could think of describing it! It doesn't actually follow the cursor like the cursor trail, but more like a shadow. Or a series of shadows. Thanks for the tip anyway!

  Frosty120 23:07 26 Apr 2006

Hertz Van Rentyl
The pointer scheme is also default

  Frosty120 23:17 26 Apr 2006

Could it be that I'm running too high a resolution (1600 by 1200 (although 1920 by 1440 is max)), too low a refresh rate (60 hertz).
Also, my old monitor had an attached cable, this one didn't so I bought a vga cable today, could it be too low quality (although it is a Vivanco)?
I'll try plugging a different computer into it tomorrow to see what happens and get back to you.
Night guys, thanks for your help so far.

  woodchip 23:25 26 Apr 2006

60 hertz Not a bit of good on a CRT monitor. Minimum should be 75hz. Just set mine to 1600 by 1200 Don't know how you work with it like that!

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