Mouse stopped working

  Liteman 22:39 17 Jun 2010

I was running the PC today with everything functioning normally. After about 45 mins the cursor moved to the top of the screen (centrally) about 1" down from the top and from thereon would not respond to movement of the mouse. I have run a full virus scan (MS Security Centre), done a system restore to yeterday, reloaded the motherboard drivers and finally carried out a "repair" install of XP (SP3) - the cursor is still in the same place. It does work, however, in XP safe mode, but as soon as I revert to XP proper, it stops working again. I have also tried other USB wired mice and they don't work either
Mouse is Logitech S520 (part of keyboard & mouse set) and the keyboard continues to work normally. Do you think that it might be a M/B or BIOS problem?

  badhair1963 23:06 17 Jun 2010

A quick search on Google suggests it's a cordless mouse. Have you checked the batteries? Failing that, go into device manager and uninstall your USB ports and let Windows reload them.

  Liteman 23:13 17 Jun 2010

The mouse is wireless, as is the keyboard, they both go through the same receiver/USB port and the keyboard still works OK.

Big problem in trying to do anything is that I don't have a mouse.

  BT 08:01 18 Jun 2010

Do you have a corded mouse you could plug in to get you over the 'mouseless' problem temporarily.

As badhair1963 says it sounds like a battery problem. Sometimes you may need to log the mouse back on to the receiver. Usually a little button underneath.

I've given up using cordless mouses(?). After all how often do you need to be using it more than the length of the wire away from your computer?

  Liteman 08:13 18 Jun 2010

I give up! After spending all yesterday looking at a cursor sitting defiantly at the top of the screen, I switched the wretched machine on ths morning only to find that everything is back to normal with the mouse working perfectly.

Thanks to those who offered advice & assistance, but it looks as if the PC fairy has been at work overnight and beaten you all to the answer!

  BT 08:19 18 Jun 2010

Its like the old days when we had a problem with the Speccy. The first port of call was to switch it off and on again. Often cured the problem.

  Liteman 09:33 18 Jun 2010

I must have rebooted a dozen times yesterday, changed the batteries, tried corded mice, even restored my backup (complete drive) & done a system restore from a date when I knew it worked and still the bloomin' thing wouldn't work.

Still, musn't grumble, it's working now.

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