mouse - squeaked its last squeak?

  Bailey08787 09:16 07 Feb 2003

Morning all

Yesterday I inexplicably started experiencing problems with my mouse - erratic movement, unresponsive, near unusable.

Now in the good old days, I'd get the mouseball out and wipe it a clean, and then scrape away any build-up on the roller-wheels inside - give it a good shake to dislodge any dust - and hey presto, all would have been good again.

But a year ago I purchased one of the Microsoft Optical Wheel Mouse's, with the little infra-red light on the bottom.

So now this device has started to play up, I'm at a loss as to how to rectify it.

I've done all the diagnostic measures, and these have thrown up no clues.

I'm puzzled, as the mouse has not experienced any recent death-drop falls to the ground, has not gone swimming in any coffee, and generally looks in good health (on the outside)

As the mouse was bought around a year ago, the box/receipt is long gone - but I'll be annoyed if it means spending another £35 on a wizzy mouse.



  Lú-tzé 09:25 07 Feb 2003

Does it have a battery? If so, it may need replacing.

  €dstow 09:29 07 Feb 2003

Although there aren't any moving parts underneath to get gunged up, there is an LED and a light receiving diode. Either or both of these can get bunged up with muck and dross. Have a look underneath and try cleaning gently with somethiing soft (cotton wool bud?)


  Bailey08787 09:41 07 Feb 2003

yes i had a go at cleaning the little light - no joy unfortunately.

Lu-tze - it's usb, and powered by the pc

  €dstow 10:56 07 Feb 2003

Remember there's a pick up diode as well adjacent to the emitting one, did you clean that?

I did have a problem a few weeks ago where some bits of an eraser got stuck over the receiver diode, even though the light emitter was OK.


  Bailey08787 12:13 07 Feb 2003

i shall give it a thorough cleansing tonight - although i fear the worst

  leo49 13:10 07 Feb 2003

Try an air puffa [or just blowing] into the little pinhole - mine went weird a few weeks ago until I dislodged a sliver of fag ash.


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