Mouse scrolling wheel not always functioning

  compumac 18:28 11 Jan 2017

Why should my Microsoft mouse suddenly loose the ability to scroll using the wheel - but only within some web pages including this forum?

  compumac 18:54 11 Jan 2017

Just found out that scrolling works perfectly OK in Edge but not always in IE11. ???

  difarn 19:30 11 Jan 2017

Have you tried turning off "Use smooth scrolling" - Tools, Internet Options, Advanced?

  compumac 20:16 11 Jan 2017


You have hit on the nose!

I was not aware of that option and certainly had not changed it to ON.

Thanks for that.

  difarn 20:53 11 Jan 2017

It may have been on by default. Glad it worked.

  compumac 20:55 11 Jan 2017


Thanks, but the problem has only shown itself in the past week or so.

  difarn 10:24 13 Jan 2017

There are many hidden 'secrets' in the world of pc's!

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