Mouse scroll in IE6 causes browser to go 'back'

  phoenix198 12:16 26 Dec 2003

Strange mouse (or browser) behaviour in IE6 on a Dell 8300: whenever I scroll 'up' using the mousewheel the browser goes 'back' to previous page.

I'm using a MS Wireless Optical Mouse with Intellipoint 5.0 driver connected via PS/2 port through a Belkin KVM switch - three other PCs (a Sony, a Medion and a homebuilt special) connected through the KVM switch do not exhibit these symptoms.

I've turned off smooth scrolling in IE6 and even uninstalled the Intellipoint driver/utility, but to no avail. Another symptom that might be relevant is that the Dell occasionally fails to recognise the mouse on a cold boot or reboot if it is the 'active' system, but always does so if another PC is the active system.

Any ideas, people?

  bretsky 17:15 26 Dec 2003

Must admit when I installed this software, it took a long time to get all the settings correct, but when I did, I had no problems whatsoever.

Double check correct model mouse config, because with this software it caters for many models, then check battery power status.

Try bypassing the Belkin switch and plug straight into the dell, could be that the m/soft drivers do not like sharing with other devices such as the Belkin KVM switch.

If your other computers are XP Try it out on them.(just to isolate the problem)

bretsky using win xp home ed sp1 on a Dell dimension 4300 with 1 Gb sdram,P4 1.8GHz processor, 180Gb 2xHDD Nvidia GEForce graphics, Nav 2002, m/s wireless optical mouse 2.0 + wireless multlmedia keyboard 1.0A with Intellipoint 5.0 driver software.

Good luck....................bretsky;0)

  phoenix198 19:08 26 Dec 2003

Thanks for your suggestions - the mouse/keyboard had been correctly identified and the battery monitor was (is) showing 'good'.

Tried (what seemed to be) all combinations of the Intellipoint 5.0 configuration settings to no avail with mouse/keyboard connected via the KVM switch.

Strange, as the same drivers work perfectly on all the other PCs through the KVM switch, and the symptom doesn't manifest itself when scrolling in other applications or Windows Explorer - but then again, there isn't usually a 'back' to activate except in Explorer.

Have just tried bypassing the KVM switch (again connecting via PS/2) and, you guessed it, the mouse (and intellipoint software) is now working perfectly.

Logic seems to decree that as:

1. The mouse/keyboards and their respective drivers work perfectly through the KVM switch on the other PCs.


2. They only work correctly on the Dell 8300 if I bypass the KVM.

then the Dell 8300 has a problem with the KVM switch.

Now I wonder, is this a hardware incompatibility problem, or something that could be resolved trough the Dell's BIOS? Legacy mouse/keyboard settings perhaps?

Gonna start tinkering now, but further suggestions most welcome!

  phoenix198 22:19 26 Dec 2003


Thanks for the suggestion, but that doesn't seem to be the problem, or it would happen on all the other PCs connected through the KVM switch.

Unfortunately I haven't been able to resolve it through the BIOS either - Dell have a bespoke BIOS with rather limited options :-(

Looks like Dell support, although they'll probably blow me out as I'm using a KVM switch and not using the supplied keyboard and mouse.

  bretsky 14:29 27 Dec 2003

Sorry phoenix 198, didn't want to insult your intelligence by suggesting the above but I was always told to look for the simplist answer first then get down to the knitty gritty of adjusting bios settings.

Yes it would seem the ploblem is with the 8300 and yes Dell will not want to know as you are not using their own products thats of course if you can get through after menues pipes musak and then find out your talking to somebody across the other side of the world! Trust me I know.

Anyway hope you get this problem sorted, good luck.........................bretsky;0)

  phoenix198 16:06 27 Dec 2003

No problem! I was always told the first law of diagnostics is to 'remove the idiot who caused the problem in the first place'!

You're quite right about Dell support, and that's why they'll be the very last resort. Got the query out on the newsgroups now, and also checking the Belkin support forums.

Still no amswer though.

Suppose I could use Mozilla, Netscape or Opera as a browser!

  phoenix198 08:08 30 Dec 2003

Still waiting for reply from Belkin tech support - ah well, it is the holiday season.


  phoenix198 09:56 08 Feb 2004

Finally lost patience with Belkin Tech Support (glad I didn't hold my breath) and resolved the problem in the time honoured fashion of .....

replacing the keyboard/mouse. Oddly enough with the Belkin wireless optical keyboard/mouse bundle currently available for £32 odd at Novatech.

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