Mouse Randomly Dis&Reconnects or not at all

  MohammedShahriar 00:38 26 Sep 2015

Recently, my mouse has started to behave strangely. It all happened when I was in the middle of a CS:GO Competitive Match and my mouse just froze. I assumed it was a program or something like that so I Alt-Tabbed and saw that my Norton had removed 2 files.

The files were "HIDUSBF.sys" and "Setup.exe". These 2 files are files that I used almost a year ago to overclock my mouse to 500hz. I can confirm these are not Viruses as millions of users use these files.

I thought nothing of it so I swapped USB ports and my mouse was working again until a few minutes later, it disconnected again. The light was still on my mouse but it decided to disconnect.

I only have 2 USB ports so I swapped USB ports yet again and nothing happened. I frantically swapped ports and no result. Therefore I restarted my Laptop and the problem was fixed. However, as usual, it started to randomly disconnect again and this problem has been occurring ever since.

Sometimes it would freeze then start working again and other times it would just not work at all. This has been getting worse with it dis/reconnecting up to 7/8 times in 10 seconds. This is >EXTREMELY< frustrating and I would really like this to be fixed.

Here are my PC Specifications: Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit 6GB RAM Intel Pentium B960 DUal Core 2.2GHz 650GB HDD BIOS Version Insyde F.66

If ANY information is required, PLEASE let me know. I will do anything to get this fixed as it is extremely frustrating.

PS: I contacted Norton to review the files that were removed and they confirmed that the files were not malicious and did not contain any viruses. I have overclocked my mouse again and the error is still occurring.

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