mouse problems after using defraggler

  simo444 22:55 11 Mar 2016

hi all

i recently cloned my nearly full 80gb hdd to a new 250fb. all worked fine until i defragged it with piriform defraggler.

now i cant double click or drag anything or scroll.

when i click start button i just get a menu. ihave to press the windows key instead.

i reconnected the non defragged 80gb drive and the same problems are present.

i am running xp on an old dell 5150 desktop.

can someone please help as i need this computer to work properly.

i have tried system restore but no good.

all help greatly appreciated.


  beynac 11:13 12 Mar 2016

It looks as if it could be the mouse, if it is happening on two different drives. Is it a wireless mouse? if so, have you checked the batteries? If wired, have you checked it is plugged in to the computer? Is there an on/off switch on the mouse?

  simo444 11:07 14 Mar 2016

Thanks for your reply Beynac. I am using a different mouse now and all is well. I disassembled the old mouse and cleaned it but still it is doing some weird things.

Many Thanks again.


  beynac 11:08 14 Mar 2016

You're welcome! I'm glad that you've got it sorted out.

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