mouse problems

  JOHN 19:21 19 Mar 2003

Since upgrading to an Elite socket A motherboard with Duron processor, I find that when I shut the system down, the light on my optical mouse stays on. It didn't happen with my old socket 7 system. I know I can turn off the wall socket but why should I have to?

  woodchip 19:27 19 Mar 2003

It's the way new motherboards work with ATX and windows, You have also got a new case although you did not say, and the power stays on when you shut windows down with ATX system

  woodchip 19:33 19 Mar 2003

PS if you get a USB to PS/2 adapter it will turn of also it will work better

  Djohn 19:44 19 Mar 2003

As woodchip says, you will also find the NUM. Lock light on your keyboard will also stay on, this is because there is always power to your M/Board.

Something to do with the power settings that you now have with new systems. It allows you to wake up your PC from the mouse or keyboard. J.

  JOHN 19:44 21 Mar 2003

Further to my last message, I'm afraid that the answers that I got did not solve the problem. I've been using an ATX case with the last motherboard. Although my "Intellimouse" is a ISB one, I have been using an adaptor to PS/2. Also, my keyboard does switch off. My brother, who has a similar system with Award bios does not have this problem so it appears that it is just my PC that is odd.

  Spook Tooth 19:57 21 Mar 2003

Have you checked the Power tab in the BIOS?

My own AWARD BIOS has a setting for allowing my keyboard, mouse or whatnot to wake the system up from the low power standby position it goes to when I switch off - I've configured it to start up by hitting the space bar for convenience.

You could check those settings yourself, then 'save + exit' for it to restart with the new settings, should you wish to disable such settings. Else, I guess you could also switch off from the socket to kill the power to the PC completely.

If none of this works - keep posting, I'm sure you'll get there eventually. (BIOS is usually enterable on hitting the DELETE key on immediate power on/boot up.)

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