Mouse Problems

  Nehvrook 19:27 12 Feb 2006

I am having a very strange problem with my mouse. Completely at random, the mouse pointer will stop moving. It will just remain still on the screen. I am still able to click and move the mouse as normal, but it is as if the pointer has detatched it's self from the mouse. So obvioiusly I cant see where I'm clicking/moving the mouse. So far the only way I've been able to fix the problem is by turning off the PC and turning it back on again.
If anyone could tell me the cause of this problem (And hopefuly a solution to it), I would be extremely greatful.

  Gongoozler 19:53 12 Feb 2006

Is the mouse USB or PS/2? Have you tried a different mouse? Another possibility is to delete the mouse from Device Manager and let Windows reload the driver.

  woodchip 20:08 12 Feb 2006

Two problems to look for,

No 1/ if it's a ball in the bottom of the mouse it needs the bottom screwed off to let you take the ball out wash and dry the ball, clean the rollers inside the mouse through the hole that the ball goes in, reassemble and try.

No 2/

Go to Control Panel\Display\Settings\Advanced look for Performance or Troubleshoot you will see a Slider for mouse move it down one notch, then try mouse after a restart

  Nehvrook 20:16 12 Feb 2006

Okay thanks. I've moved that slider down a notch, and hopefuly that will solve the problem.
It's a USB optical mouse, but I've tried using a few different mice and the problem persisted.
Thanks again :)

  woodchip 20:19 12 Feb 2006

see how it goes, if seems to work. try downloading the latest graphics drivers

  Nehvrook 19:48 14 Feb 2006

Well it seems to be working so far. My mouse hasn't crashed since I moved the slider along. But now whenever I load a fullscrene game (Star Wars Empire at War Demo and Half Life 2 I've loaded so far) the mouse pointer flickers all the time. It stops doing so if I move the slider back up, but obviously I dont want to leave it that way because I'll start loosing my mouse again.
Any idea's on this :(

  Mr Beeline 21:11 14 Feb 2006


I had the exact same problem little more than a week ago with a Logitech optical mouse (around two years old). Changed the mouse for a spare Microsoft mouse that I had and problem gone. So my assumption was, mouse was FUBAR.

  Nehvrook 16:43 16 Feb 2006

Changing mouse has no effect on the problem. I just installed a load of new graphics drivers / windows updates to see if it would fix anything. It does not. I've now found that when the mouse detatches from the curser I can fix it by going into the previously mentioned troubleshoot menu and sliding the bar down. It's better than re-starting but still not ideal. The mouse does not detatch when the slider is down, but doesn't work properly in games when it is like this.
If anyone has any idea's please let me know. Thanks for all the help so far.

  Mr Beeline 18:41 16 Feb 2006

Question... which mouse is it? and does it have a bespoke set of drivers etc? (IE. like Microsoft's Intelimouse).

  Nehvrook 18:46 16 Feb 2006

The make of the mouse is Mikomi. And I think they're bespoke drivers. I know they're out of date now, but I have no idea how to find new ones. Cant find a company website or anything. Though I dont think it's the actual mouse (Dont think, I'm not sure and am willing to try anything to fix this) that's causing the problem since I've swapped mice when the problem occoured and it has continued.

  woodchip 08:57 17 Feb 2006

The Prtoblem is not the Mouse, It's your Graphics Driver to need to Check or Try with a new Driver

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