Mouse Problem – it has disappeared

  Pumas 22:53 09 Feb 2003

I’m trying to help a friend with their computer over the phone and I’ve hit a brick wall.

The problem is:
When the computer starts, once windows has loaded the mouse pointer is not there at all.

I have checked that the mouse is connected properly. I’ve have reinstalled the drivers and this doesn’t help.

When I access the mouse properties, “click” is assigned to both the right and left buttons. When I change this and “click” OK a message tells me that the settings can only be saved for the current windows session. It suggests that I restart the computer and try again. On restart the same happens and it suggests that I re-install the mouse software. I have done this a few times and it doesn’t help.

The mouse is a Microsoft intellimouse. The operating system is Windows ME.

What can I do? Any help appreciated.


  woodchip 22:57 09 Feb 2003

Go to device manager and remove the mouse you will have to navigate with keyboard restart computer

  PSF 23:00 09 Feb 2003

Have you tried removing the mouse from the device manager and then reboot, this will force windows to reinstall the mouse drivers.

  Pumas 23:14 09 Feb 2003

woodchip -
I won't worry about having to navigate with the keyboard. I've already had do do everything described with the keyboard. Doing this over the phone using a friend that has little knowledge of computers as my eyes and hands is no easy task!!

PSF & woodchip -
No I haven't tried this. Can you describe how do do this in ME for me. This would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your quick responses.


  Pumas 23:16 09 Feb 2003

Any other suggestions are still welcome. I won't know if they work until I phone him tomorrow.


  PSF 23:53 09 Feb 2003

If you go into the control panel/system/device manager it will show you what is in the system.

I am using XP it is similar, I could not use the keyboard to open any of the devices, does anyone know the keyboard combinations. ALT F will open the top row of commands but I could not get into the devices to check one of them.

Have you tried safe mode by pressing F8 as the pc boots up, if it does start the basic mouse driver will be loaded and you will be able to go into the device manager and un-install/remove the mouse there.

You take a mouse for granted until it goes wrong.
It could be a problem with one of the buttons sticking if you get both sides on at the same time. Have you got a spare or can borrow a mouse from someone.

  PSF 00:09 10 Feb 2003

Another thought, has he installed anything and then the problem occurred after? If that is the case you could try a system restore.

Press Windows key



system tools

system restore

restore to earlier point,

all that can be done from the keyboard.

  Pumas 17:45 10 Feb 2003

System restore doesn't work. I'll try your other suggestions.

Any other ideas welcome.


  Pumas 17:48 10 Feb 2003

I have worked out how to use the device manager with the keyboard.

It's a combination of the TAB and arrow keys.


  woodchip 19:11 10 Feb 2003

Have you removed the mouse yet, with the keys that you found does the job the space key allows you to select an item to delete

  Pumas 00:44 11 Feb 2003

I reinstalled the driver but when I looked in device manager afterwards it still wasn't working. It couldn't find the "dmouse.VXD" file. Does anyone know what this is or how I can get it?

Is there a system file checker for windows ME??


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