mouse problem

  loony 19:50 14 Jan 2003
  loony 19:50 14 Jan 2003

i have got an old pentiun 166, i have just put together. It runs win 98 se and has 64 mb memory. Problem is when it finishes booting up the mouse cursor freezes and the machine locks up. It does the same with a ps2 mouse and a serial mouse i have checked in device manager for conflicts and none are listed. I am at present clean booting the machine and the problem is still there, the only time the problem goes away is if i boot into safe mode. Any idea`s.

  Lú-tzé 20:18 14 Jan 2003

What else is running? I would be surprised if it were the mouse (but I have lots to learn!). Try using msconfig to uncheck various software.

  Stuartli 20:20 14 Jan 2003

Have you installed any additional mouse drivers?

The driver which comes with Windows is perfectly adequate and will enable the use of scroll etc.

That's the only time I've ever had problems with a mouse - loading the software that came with it!

  SpyMan²°°­­³ 20:28 14 Jan 2003

I had this problem on windows 98se myself. Sometimes the arrow would stick...other times it would fly all over the screen.

Unfortunately, the problem only sorted itself out when i went on to windows ME.

Sorry i haven't been much help but i just thought i would share my experience of the problem with you.

  Altair 20:37 14 Jan 2003

Remove the driver in safe mode and reboot also look in safe mode for any duplicate drivers of other devices, I found I had several drivers duplicated of cdroms, cdrw, printer ports and even hard drives.

  Stuartli 22:54 14 Jan 2003

Just a thought. Is it a wireless mouse? If so the batteries are probably flat.....

I've had this with my wireless mouse and the first time it took a few minutes to realise what the problem was.

  loony 12:26 15 Jan 2003

thanks for all your replys the mouse isn`t wirelessits a normal mouse. Altair mentioned to remove the driver in safe mode, how do i go about doing that. thanks again

  menorcarob2 12:52 15 Jan 2003

could you have had a virus as quite sometime ago i had this problem and it was cured by deleting the mouse and changing the registry, look at click here

  recap 13:04 15 Jan 2003

To enter "Safe Mode" press F8 when you first boot up your system. Then enter the Control Panel and remove the drivers the same as you would in normal mode.

  canard 14:04 15 Jan 2003

A while ago a similar question produced advice on checking ptsnoop. I put my ptsnoop in briefcase as I was too chicken to delete it. My similar mouse problems were cured [I had already unchecked it from the startup list].Try checking PCA search for the link to page describing the assorted actions of ptsnoop- none seem to be needed unless perhaps you use viavoice.

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