harleydog 16:57 07 Mar 2006

I was called to help with a pc problem which consisted of no mouse being present when windows XP booted up. The pointer is shown in the middle of the screen but no operation is present.

My friend bought a Labtec ps2/usb mouse from Argos. I have tried this in the ps2 and usb ports and there's nothing detected. Other usb devices are detected (ie Epson printer). Plugging in the mouse after boot results in no detection by plug n play.

(Sometimes, and I mean only sometimes, the device is recognised as usb device followed by a "not working" error messasge (if plugged into the usb port))

Judging by other programs/hardware and general upkeep of the system, the pc seems to have been badly maintained as old defunct printers, a previous failed install of a wireless optical mouse/keyboard set, etc were present.

Device manager does not show any mouse entries or any conflicts present.

I have tried alternative mice to no avail - both ps2 and usb.

I have manged to uninstall the previous optical keyboard/mouse software and the additional printers but it is difficult to do much else without the mouse present!

I have searched the Microsoft knowledge Base and found click here;en-us;142405 which may be the answer.

Before I travel back to try out the registry changes suggested by the topic, are there any other changes or advice from readers that I should try also/first?

  Gongoozler 17:05 07 Mar 2006

Hi number9scores. You will probably find that the mouse problem is only the tip of the iceberg, and debugging could take days. When a computer gets into this state, I find that the easiest solution is a clean reinstall.

  remind 17:25 07 Mar 2006

try a boot disk with a mouse driver such as UBD - click here
at least you'll find out if the ps2 port is faulty

  harleydog 17:36 07 Mar 2006

UBD boot disk - Is this to be used with XP o/s?


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