Mouse Problem??

  dogbreath1 15:12 27 Feb 2006

XP SP2. On closing My Documents this morning, all my desktop shortcuts seemed to adopt new properties.

By left clicking, for example, on My Documents, it launches Properties with the associated Target/General/Sharing Tabs showing. By right clicking My Documents, options are presented to Open/Restore/Zip etc.. Left or right click on Open and ALL shortcuts on the Desktop are launched!!

System Restore freezes, the scroll key (in Firefox) Zooms in and out rather than scrolling the page and when browsing and most alphanumeric keys are disabled or result in an incorrect character being posted.

I've managed to produce an HJT log which shows up clear using the three available (though imperfect) on-line analyzers at Help2Go, Geeks and

The PC seemed perfect before weekend and this behaviour only started mid morning today.

Any suggestions, please, you guys??

(I have Avast, Windows Defender and PrevX running in real time, SpywareBlaster is installed and scans are carried out weekly using Spybot S&D, Ad-Aware and a-squared...all the latest signatures are installed)

  €dstowe 15:16 27 Feb 2006

System Restore?

Restore from backup?

  €dstowe 15:17 27 Feb 2006

Sorry, missed a bit System Restore from Safe Mode?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:27 27 Feb 2006

Mouse problems usually means get a trap :0)

Have you scanned for spyware not all shows up in HIjack logs.

  dogbreath1 17:12 27 Feb 2006

A reboot and System Restore seems to have solved the problem, at least for now.

It was the wierdest thing that I've ever seen happen to a PC!!

Many thanks for your responses. db.

  skidzy 17:49 27 Feb 2006

Suggest you run ewido... click here

  dogbreath1 18:09 27 Feb 2006

Thanks for that my friend...will do!

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