Mouse pointer query

  ACOLYTE 17:32 10 Aug 2005

My pointer has started to disapear under open programs,sorry its still there but say i open my email client the mouse pointer works but if i open a submenu say to check what accounts i have
the mouse goes under the submenu and not on top of it so i cant click on things,it still works but it makes ticking boxes and closing pages very hard i have to guess where the cuser is,lol.I had been in to the pointer options and reset the scheme i have but it doesnt stop it happening the only thing that works is if i restart the pc then it works ok but it will just start to happen again at random.

  Graham ® 17:56 10 Aug 2005

Is it a standard mouse? Some have features such as 'Hide pointer whilst typing'.

  Graham ® 17:57 10 Aug 2005

Or is 'Snap to' enabled?

  ACOLYTE 18:03 10 Aug 2005

I dont know what "snap to enable" does lol so i dont think its one of those types,and the pointer doesnt hide it just doesnt come on the top of open boxes,it is only a cheap labtec optical mouse,but it been working great until recently,in fact it still does just the curser thing.

  Graham ® 19:54 10 Aug 2005

In mysterious circumstances like this, I do a System Restore!

  woodchip 20:15 10 Aug 2005

Or run SFC /SCANNOW with XP CD in comp

  ACOLYTE 13:33 11 Aug 2005

I tried another mouse and it still did the same thing after a while,its not that annoying i suppose i will have to become a good guesser lol,thx for the help.

  ACOLYTE 13:58 12 Aug 2005

Just an update,i think i have found the culprit for this odd behaviour it was i think the Nview desktop manager option to make apps transparent when clicked on,i dissabled Nview and have not had the error since)),thx all for the help.

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