Mouse pointer jumping all over place

  User-312386 21:50 17 Jul 2007

Hi all

I have just switched on the computer and my mouse pointer is jumping all over the place.

It is jumping to the top of the screen, also sometimes something pops up and says "flip document" and it list all my open pages in mozilla and ie.

Never seen this before


Windows XP pro

  skidzy 21:56 17 Jul 2007

Check your mouse settings in control panel.

  Strawballs 22:05 17 Jul 2007

Is it an optical mouse if so I had this once and the only way I cured it was a new mouse.

  User-312386 22:39 17 Jul 2007

yes it is an opticak mouse

its a laser logitech mx1000

  acxxxx 22:48 17 Jul 2007

My cordless mouse acts strange when - The batteries are low or when the docking/recieving cradle has been moved out of range/line of sight (falls off the desk in other words).

  User-312386 23:08 17 Jul 2007

You are a star mate

I just seen the cradle has crashed to the floor

Back on the desk and all working fine now


  skidzy 23:10 17 Jul 2007

Ha Ha :-)) sorry madboy33©® had a giggle over this one Lol.

  User-312386 23:22 17 Jul 2007

ah dont

theres me, i can solve most problems with other people comps, cant but could not fathom the most simplest

Back to the classroom me thinks mate :)

  Stuartli 23:24 17 Jul 2007

Being somewhat cynical, I suspect a bit of a leg pull here...:-)

  skidzy 23:29 17 Jul 2007

You know what madboy33©® it aint just you its happened to !!!!
But i didnt have to ask for help hee hee......the other half noticed it ha ha Lol.

To be honest we only take notice of 3 things SKM = Screen + Keyboard + Mouse.....

Is that the primary school classroom,sorry i needed a giggle tonight and you have put a smile on my face.

All the best madboy33©®

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