Mouse pointer goes off screen

  Seadog 20:31 22 Jun 2004

I have recently had to re-install win Xp and since then my mouse pointer goes right off the screen on the right hand side. At the left side and top and bottom of the screen, the mouse pointer stops at the edge. I have reloaded the drivers etc., but to no avail, is there another setting I can adjust?
I suppose there must be a corrupted file or something?
Any help will be appreciated.

  Djohn 20:34 22 Jun 2004

Its normal for the pointer to stop at the top and left but disappear, [Almost] to the right and bottom of the screen.

  Seadog 20:39 22 Jun 2004

Ah, but to get the pointer back on the screen if I move the mouse way to the right, I have to move the mouse about 75mm on the mousemat to get the pointer back on screen whereas on the top/bottom/left the pointer moves from the edge almost instantaneously. It didn't use to do this.........................

  Djohn 20:44 22 Jun 2004

Erm! see what you mean Seadog. Your correct, it shouldn't do that. Is the screen set up correct, do you see the notification area bottom right of taskbar and the white/red cross top right of window for closing down?

  Sans le Sou 20:47 22 Jun 2004

Have you got a calibration applet with the mouse software?

  Seadog 20:49 22 Jun 2004

Yep! all the normal screen stuff is there, size and shape all OK, the problem is that when I go to the "red cross" to close a screen and miss it (go too far to the right) its a right fiddle to find the cursor again.......................

  Seadog 20:53 22 Jun 2004

No, no calibration applet, just a basic driver, I have tried both the win xp driver and the samsung drivers - no different!

  Sans le Sou 20:56 22 Jun 2004

If you can borrow or have a spare mouse see if it is the same, will rule out the hardware.

  Sans le Sou 21:02 22 Jun 2004

May need a clean, or if optical the battery may be low or bad reception, try a re-connect.

  Night Ryder 21:05 22 Jun 2004

Sounds to me that you have a dual header graphics card which you have inadvertantly set for a second monitor. This would cause the pointer to disappear far to the right. What you must do is go to the graphics card settings and turn off dual head capabilities.

  Sans le Sou 21:11 22 Jun 2004

Final thought, have you used the same graphics card drivers as you had before.

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