Mouse pointer freezes, 4 seconds later it's OK?

  Sapins 15:42 29 Oct 2004

Running XP Home, Internet Explorer, and Outlook Express.

I'm trying to find out why the mouse pointer is doing this every now and then, by having Task manager on the screen and watching what happens at the moment the pointer freezes. It has only done it once since I started monitoring for the last hour and I had "Performance" open not "Processes", the CPU Usage went to 100% at that moment. There are 44 processes running and when I have IE open at say a "PCA forum" the Mem Usage can go up to 97%.

First of all will monitoring with Task Manager help? and secondly IE has Approx. 15,000K under Mem Usage. Is the 97% figure the percentage of the portion used by IE (15,000K) or the percentage of the whole system memory?

I only have a 650Mhz processor and I think this may contribute to the problem, but, the mouse pointer has only recently started to do this.

I have uninstalled the mouse, a NetScroll+ Eye corded optical model, and reinstalled the drivers to no avail. I have also cleaned the sensor.

Forgot to say, occasionally when the pointer frees itself it shoots off to the top left hand corner of the screen, please no cracks about "Red" mice!

If I am totally on the wrong track I would appreciate any help to sort this out.



  Gongoozler 16:27 29 Oct 2004

Hi Sapins. A 650M processor isn't all that slow unless you are running something very processor intensive. I would be more interested in knowing how much memory you have. I've found that anything under 256M can cause freezes with XP. Also 44 running processes is high, my XP Pro system is currently running 36.

  Sapins 16:32 29 Oct 2004

Hi Gongoozler, thanks for your reply.

I have 512M of RAM and as to the number of processes, I have observed that the majority of them do not have any memory attached to them and they seem to be static, can I "end" some of them and if so which ones?

  Sapins 16:35 29 Oct 2004

Sorry, should have said no CPU figure.

  Gongoozler 16:55 29 Oct 2004

Hi Sapins. Without knowing what processes you have running I can't say which you can safely end, and even if I did know I can't be sure of knowing which would be the most likely problem ones. However, I'm happy to have a look. If you can list them, or I can give you my email address so you can send me a screenshot (hit the Print Scrn key to put a picture of the screen into the "Save" buffer and then paste it into Word or a graphics application to save as a jpg), then I will compare it with my system. Also try HiJackThis from here click here, and paste the results here (it will need a number of postings because of the 800 word limit), and I'll have an amateurish look. Hopefully in the meantime someone else will jump in on the thread and make some more informed suggestions.

  Stonechatz 16:57 29 Oct 2004

... SCAN? It can interrupt mouse/keyboard drivers sometimes when scanning.

  Gongoozler 17:17 29 Oct 2004

This is a superb site for telling you what the various processes do click here

  Sapins 17:30 29 Oct 2004

Gongoozler, will look at your link first.

Stonechatz, thanks for your reply, I'm not running McAfee, I have Norton AV, but as I said this problem has only recently occurred and I have not made any changes since I installed the mouse and it ran OK at first.

  Sapins 21:23 29 Oct 2004

I've just finished checking all 46 processes that are running, 6 are svchost.exe which is a system process belonging to the Microsoft Windows Operating System which handles processes executed from DLLs. and when I used your link to check them, I was going down the list of processes one at a time, the 3rd. one came up as a virus which I thought was odd as I have NAV on auto live update and it had just done a scheduled scan on Monday. Anyway I have just completed a full system scan and nothing was found. I could possibly have mis-typed the process name because some very similar names are in fact a virus or trojan!

I am wondering why there are 6 entries for svchost.exe?

Also, could the mouse be faulty, I can take it back under guarantee.



  dan 11 21:34 29 Oct 2004


I also have 6 entries for svchost.exe.and system is fine. This is running 27 processes. ;-)

  Sapins 22:04 29 Oct 2004

dan 11, thanks for that, I'm in the middle of running Ad-Aware and it's already found 6 objects, maybe something there will shed some light on it?

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