Mouse Pointer

  watchful 18:03 06 Feb 2003

Whilst I'm on this site, just the last couple of days, my mouse pointer keeps flickering and disappearing altogether.
Anyone know why this is?

  Djohn 18:13 06 Feb 2003

watchful, so does mine, but only on some pages, and not others!

  watchful 18:16 06 Feb 2003

It's OK at the moment but was doing it for about half an hour and I had to literally guess where it was pointing.
It must be something to do with this site I think.

  « Ravin » 18:45 06 Feb 2003

in xp there's a setting to hide the mouse pointer while typing something..any chance that that could be it ?

  wee eddie 18:50 06 Feb 2003

the page was flicking up and down.

Now stabalised.

  watchful 18:58 06 Feb 2003

Thanks for all your comments but it does seem to have stabilized now.


  miner 22:48 06 Feb 2003

I had this prob. today - very confusing till I found the serial connector was loose - sorted!

  mikebosy 19:36 08 Mar 2003

On my spare PC, (Win 98). The mouse pointer has disapeared. When I start up in Safe Mode it is OK. I have disabled all Start up items to see if one of them was the cause but there is no difference...Help!


  watchful 21:10 08 Mar 2003


  « Ravin » 06:10 09 Mar 2003

maybe you have to install drivers for your mouse?

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