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  Migwell 06:35 04 Nov 2004

When I first went onto Win XP I selected a mouse pointer that was GOLD in colour and standard size. This has now changed to the default Windows pointer. When looking for my GOLD pointer I now find that it is not listed even though I am using the same mouse driver and mouse as when I had the GOLD Pointer. Question 1 Where has this pointer gone? 2 Where can I look for a replacement? The one I have at this moment is all black, but I would rather have my GOLD one back. Any ideas please, thanx in advance MIGWELL

  BRYNIT 07:25 04 Nov 2004

I think the one you are loking for is listed as 3D-bronze. Looking at mouse properties/pointers/scheme it is the first in the list. I think this is a windows pointer have you tried system restore.

  JIM 07:53 04 Nov 2004

there is no gold mouse selection when you click the "browse Tab" in pointers? The file for "3dgarro" is missing, for the Gold mouse?
Deleted it by mistake?

Do a search in find files first for "3dgarro" or look in the C:\Windows\Cursor folder.

You should be able to copy and paste the file into the Cursor folder on your system if missing. Available from the WinXP disk.(It is in the I386 folder on the Winxp disk.(3DGARRO.CU ) same file as "3dgarro"

Could try a system restore to the point before you lost it.(if you know when)

I was slow with responce:) but posting with other info.

  Migwell 09:13 04 Nov 2004

Thank you, will give that a try later.

  Migwell 22:23 04 Nov 2004

I have tried what you said but the file on the Windows disk is nor reconised by any prog on my computer, and can't find what file it is to open it either.

I found the file as you said in your post Jim but could not get it to work by copy and paste.

Any further ideas please. If I remember right it did not work after the last time I formatted but worked before that. I know it is not very important but I like that one best of all and it is a shame that it will not work again for me.

Have even tried to download the latest driver from MSoft that don't work either, still having to use the windows black (system scheme) arrow.

  Migwell 22:48 04 Nov 2004


  Migwell 22:48 04 Nov 2004


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