mouse noise?

  Hitch-Hiker 13:39 04 Oct 2003

Why can I hear clicking noise's when I move my mouse or scroll up & down the screen?

  Chris the Ancient 13:51 04 Oct 2003

Where do the noises come from?

The mouse itself? The speakers?

What actions actually cause the clicking noises?

  Hitch-Hiker 14:08 04 Oct 2003

the speakers.

it happens when ever I use the mouse to scroll pages or just moving the pointer around the screem.

That's interesting, I get a screachy/clicky sound when using the scroll too, but only when I am listening to music, it's silent the rest of the time. I've never worked out why it does it.

The mouse is a MS Optical type.

  Chris the Ancient 20:07 04 Oct 2003

Because I'm just as anxious to hear an answer now!

  graham√ 20:30 04 Oct 2003

Control Panel, Sounds and Audio, Sounds, I think 'Start Navigation' is the usual culprit.

Did graham√ response work for you?

It had no affect on my PC.

  Hitch-Hiker 14:02 05 Oct 2003

I have win 98se2 sounds and audio are not in the control panel.

It is not an Optical on standard cordless ball type by Packard Bell.

  graham√ 14:05 05 Oct 2003

To prove, in Sounds, Sound scheme, select No Sounds, Apply, OK.

  Hitch-Hiker 14:10 05 Oct 2003

i don't have Sound scheme in sounds

  graham√ 14:18 05 Oct 2003

OK, you haven't got Sounds installed, that may be the cause. I only have '95, but I think it's the same as '98.

In Control Panel, Add/remove, Windows Setup, check Multimedia. You will be prompted for '98 CD. Browse to the drive if necessary.

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