Mouse movement jerky

  daba 11:34 28 Sep 2008

Recently changed the motherboard in this PC, and all drivers for all hardware are completely up-to-date.

Microsoft 5-button Intellimouse is no longer completely smooth in operation. When loading web-pages, for instance, or streaming media , or other process are running, the mouse movement is severly affected, so it is difficult to hit a target.

It's as though the mouse doesn't have the highest priority.

Anyone know what the problem might be, and how to cure it ?

  spuds 16:51 28 Sep 2008

On the ball type mouse, jerky movements are usually caused by fluff on the ball roller mechanism.A simple clean usually resolves the problem.

  daba 00:47 05 Oct 2008

OK - back from away work - still having this problem.

Mouse is MS Intellimouse Optical, so its got no balls to worry about. Its wired, USB.

Mouse troubleshooter doesn't get anywhere near the level of problem I am having.

Both the graphics card and mouse have the very latest drivers - have checked at least twice, and re-installed drivers for both.

I'll describe the problem in more detail - Problem is only seen on web-pages that have some form of moving graphics, or when the page is loading, and it's much worse when using Firefox than IE6. I always thought the O/S gave super-priority to the mouse, so that very few processes could affect it's smooth and rapid response, but in my case the mouse is so severley affected it looks like it's last in the queue.

This problem has only occurred since changing my motherboard from an ASUS K7N8X to a K8V. The K8V has more (8) USB ports, and USB 2.0 support has been enabled.

Anyone any ideas what is wrong ?

  brundle 00:52 05 Oct 2008

"Recently changed the motherboard in this PC" - did you re-install Windows?

  daba 01:04 05 Oct 2008

No - Windows 2000 Pro I use and it was quite happy to accept the new hardware - there were minimal new hardware found issues - and all were resolved by loading appropriate drivers from the CD tor the mobo.

Everything is OK, no hardware issues, except mouse response in Firefox is dire - only slightly affected in IE6.

If you use Firefox, try the Tiscali home-page for me

  daba 01:06 05 Oct 2008

forgot the link brundle it's click here

  daba 01:19 05 Oct 2008

Have also temporarily shut-down all Spy-ware scanner, Anti-Virus, and Firewall software, and the problem persists.

  brundle 01:23 05 Oct 2008

I'm afraid I'd put it down to that. Tiscali works fine for me by the way.
Considering a mouse driver must be at the bottom of a stack of other drivers that load afterwards (or would that be the top?) - every system I've ever seen that had a motherboard of a different model replaced without reloading the OS has been plagued with some obvious and not-so-obvious problems. I realise the HAL element of NT is supposed to separate hardware from software to some extent but I don't think it extends as far as drivers for individual systems. You can use SysPrep to force a re-enumeration of hardware; click here

Not sure what the differences between your old and new board are, if they use a different chipset then you will have problems. If not, #2 on the site I linked to discounts my entire post....

  daba 01:25 05 Oct 2008

Just done a test on the Tiscali homepage - while using FF 3.0.3 (just updated).

Positioned mouse on left edge of screen, then moved it quickly to the right-side. The mouse pointer took about 3 seconds to get to the right of the screen in short jerky hops.

then tried the same in IE6 - no problem - seems like it might be a Firefox issue, i'll contact their tech support ASAP.

  daba 01:30 05 Oct 2008

thanks for the info, i'll persevere with F/F tech support - it appears to be a problem only with their browser - and i'll take a look at your link.

yes the K8V does use a different chipset, but everything else has been accepted with zero problems.

i might just bite the bullet and buy XP and do a complete fresh install.... when i get a day or two to spare, lol

  provider 2 13:02 05 Oct 2008

I don`t know if this is relevant or not, especially since my mouse has balls, or rather one anyway, and yes I have cleaned it.

Even so, I saw you mention Tiscali which is Carphone Warehouse now? ... as is AOL UK ... same servers, I think?

My problem is probably not so severe as you describe but the mouse, on occasion, is "jittery". It`s not so much a hestation as a rapid but small to-and-fro oscillation in IE 7 and the AOL browser, which is IE + AOL bits anyway.

I don`t know what causes this but I know it can be instantly cured by logging out of AOL and immediately logging back in again.

I will be very interested to see if you can find a cure for your problem since I have the feeling that it may well apply to mine.

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