Mouse Locks Up

  jonski 11:39 06 Aug 2004

Hi, just wondered if anyone has any idea with pc screwed up a couple of weeks ago, ie wouldn`t system beeps..discovered the motherboard had gone so replaced with a gigabyte board and a new 550 watt power supply...all seemed well for a couple of weeks but now my mouse keeps freezing up while mutlitasking...ctrl-alt-del doesn`t do a dvd burning proggy stopped working can`t install or uninstall anything...does this sound virusy.? i`ve done full scans with avast anti virus but when i try scanning with gets half way through then freezes solid..same if i`m using a paint proggy...if i try cutting and pasting a picture again it locks up...i`ve checked all the usual ie everything in securely and so on...system is running winxp athlon xp2100 chip with a gig of ram....any help would be appreciated...btw..i tried formatting yesterday with the xp gets so far into installation the comes up with a blue screen error message.

  alan227 12:36 06 Aug 2004

Can you post the error message

  jonski 12:37 06 Aug 2004

not without trying to format it all again...

  joelle1230 12:40 06 Aug 2004

have you tried system restore
uninstalled new progs
checked for conflics
run it in safe mode
sorry if it sounds to obvious

  alan227 12:42 06 Aug 2004

Have you checked for any faults in device manager.

  alan227 12:45 06 Aug 2004

On reading your post again, you say you installed a new mobo, did you do a clean re-install of windows as XP will be locked to your old mobo.

  jonski 12:47 06 Aug 2004

To Joelle the system restore has strangely been turned off....and will not turn back on which makes me think it could be a virus.

And alan, yes m8 i have checked in device manager...everything seems fine..

  jonski 12:49 06 Aug 2004

Yes alan i did a full Clean Install because i had done a major hardware upgrade.

  alan227 13:07 06 Aug 2004

Try a virus scan with here

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